Johnny Wolf’s 27th Birthday Recap

I'll let the man of the hour speak about his own LEGENDARY birthday party...

(For complete pics of the girls in action, go to Johnny Wolf's Blog, The Social Secrets!)

Johnny Wolf’s 27th Birthday Recap

Dude, that was the craziest party ever. Every day since the party ended, I’ve gotten a call from someone telling me how amazing it was and how they hooked up with so and so chick.

There were about 35 guys and over 100 girls, and everyone I know hooked up with at least one girl that night.

One of my former ABC’s of Attraction bootcamp students, Mythical, had a threesome with two hot girls. His first threesome ever by the way. And today, he called me saying he hooked up with the two girls again, but this time, they brought another girl, so he had a freaking FOURSOME! How fucking crazy is that. He took his first bootcamp with me just a few months ago, and now look at what he’s doing. Sex with three girls at a time!

Anyways, I also got a call from my from Paul who said the buying tempature set up of the party was so high, that the girl he came with (who he just met the night before) pulled him into the bathroom to fuck, as soon as our intern coach Ozziesauresmex got done fucking one of the blondes. That bathroom got a lot of action that night. Oh yah then Paul also got a handjob from a lesbian chick who was mad because her girlfriend was fucking some other guy. Our security guard got pulled into the bathroom, but as a good doorman he refused her, and our DJ took a girl home and fucked till the morning.

A of course the birthday boy hooked up as well. I’m not going to kiss and tell exactly who, but it involved birthday blowjobs, some hot tub action, and plenty of birthday kisses. I’m far happier to hear that my former bootcamp students are getting laid! That’s the power of the ABC’s of Attraction, it’s our alumni network and followup that keeps our students progressing and doing well. Pick up is a long hard journey, you need the support of a strong network of brotherhood that cares to see you grow. If you havn’t signed up for one yet, do it now, you’ll be happy you did.

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- Johnny Wolf

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