Celebrity FR: An ABCs Bro Attempts to Pick Up Ann Coulter

"[Ann Coulter & I] had eye contact for the entire time. It was a little unnerving. I thought she was trying to burn through my face."
-Whiskey Hotel (NYC)

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Alumnus and Asian brother Whiskey Hotel had the opportunity for a little bit of celebrity gaming with Ann Coulter up in New York City.

I remember back in the old Project Hollywood days when I would game up and down Sunset that I had the opportunity to game both Ashlee Simpson and Leelee Sobieski. The big realization that I had was:
  1. They really are normal people (for the most part)
  2. It's hard to mentally treat them as normal as your mind starts to distract you with media images
Read on!
FR: Ann Coulter by Whiskey Hotel

I just had to post this because I find it hilarious. I was walking back to a hotel where my parents were having a party and on our way past the front I see this blonde woman talking to this old guy.

I see her thinking: man she looks just like Ann Coulter. After we pass her, my friend asks me: dude, was that ann coulter? I tell him that it definately was Ann Coulter (I heard her harpy voice). I'm not interested in ACbut I was just curious to run game on her.

Attract and Approach
I go in and BLP this old guy out of the set.

Me: Excuse me but I just had to ask you, I was wondering if people ever told you that you looked just like Ann Coulter.
AC: Yeah, that's probably because I am Ann Coulter.

*short banter about fourth of july

Me: I'm surprised that you're actually this nice. I thought from reading one of your books that you would have a lot more spunk in your personal attitude.
AC: Haha, I am actually a very nice person but my job requires me to be to be a bitch sometimes.

*talks about publishing a bit.

AC: So, do you live here?
Me: Yeah, my parents have an apartment here and I'm at their fourth of july party. You know, old people stuff.
AC: Haha, I do know old people stuff. How old are you?
Me: I'm too old. I feel world weary when people ask me that question.
AC: Haha

At this point she is extracted by her driver who tells her that they gotta go. I decide to skip the number close because it's Ann Coulter and I have no interest in this besides the story.

AC: It was nice talking to you.
Me: Well it wasn't for me, I'm liberal by the way.
*laughs as she leaves.

Some thoughts:
She was much more receptive than I thought.
We had eye contact for the entire time. It was a little unnerving. I thought she was trying to burn through my face.

-by Whiskey Hotel

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