Who Coaches at 3:30AM?

And it wasn't during a bootcamp, but a post-bootcamp 4 months later for Alumnus Brother when Certified Coach Man Cannon received a phone call for advice from "Clark_Kent" at "Oh My Gawd! 3:30AM..."

and he still fucking coached me at 330 am last night on the phone. Just WOW...

Here's CK's original review:
Took bootcamp 2/29 of this year, had only one F in my life, no real/serious gf, but in the 4 months since then success has been landing on my lap like crazy, girls I would have only dreamed of dating find me attractive....... and it's only the beginning. I never thought I could be good at this stuff, but wow , now the sky's the limit....anyway,

- Excellent introduction to game and all the foundational tactics
- In field coaching phenomenal; you do things you would never think you could do, things happen, your self limiting beliefs break down and your eyes and vision open
- Critiques brutal but to the point, no fucking fluff, no girly "oh ya ur good at x, work on y a little more, k ?"
- Everything works, has been field tested, no experimental BS.
- Coaches are in it to help, not for the $$$ or other personal gain
- Best part = huge kick in the ass and wake up call.

You know that feeling , that annoying unpleasantness that something is 'wrong' and that you need to change something about ur life? Bootcamp set me on the right path in fixing that illness and was one of the most life changing experiences ever.

When you take an ABCs of Attraction Bootcamp, you become part of something much larger and more involved than an impersonal business transaction... You become part of a SUPPORT SYSTEM, you become part of the ABC Brotherhood.

If you want to be coached by Man Cannon himself in addition to Johnny Wolf, register for the New York City (8/15/08) Certified Bootcamp.

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