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Brings a tear to the eyes, it does.
[Last year pre-bootcamp] Man Cannon: "Gatsby... I can go up to a girl and say hi... and use one of the canned openers, but that's where I get STUCK. I can't say or do anything else. I don't know what I'm supposed to do."

Fast forward to this Tuesday (after racking up another LR on Sunday)...

LR, 6/2/08, HB8.5, 'cuz you f___ like a porn star by Man Cannon
Her: Do you watch a lot of porn?
MC: HELL YEAH! [calmly] Why do you ask?
Her: 'cuz you f___ like a porn star.
Keep 'em coming, gentlemen! (Remember, you must be registered to access the ABC forums)

Sunday, June 01
FR: Lunch with Nightjob and Man Cannon - July 2007 by Gatsby

FR: HB49 ex stripper by Stray Cat

LR, 5/31/08, HB7, vehemently doesn't want to kiss by Man Cannon

fr--6/1 (after midnight)--dead best friend by Rumble

fr--5/31---sisters (dont get too excited) by Rumble

FR 05/30 HB6.5ERNurse by Alpha M

FR, 6/1/08, HB7nurse by Man Cannon

Monday, June 02
LR HBMarinaDelRey by Yellow Cab

Tuesday, June 03
FR: Amogged by Friend by Whiskey Hotel

LR, 6/2/08, HB8.5, 'cuz you f___ like a porn star by Man Cannon

Wednesday, June 04
FR, 6/3/08, HB6.5smoothe skin by Man Cannon

First Time I Pulled 2 HBs into a Car, Street PickUp Style by Minty Fresh

LR- HB 8.5- Just Another Sunday in the Park... by Karoake Closer

LR- HB7- Back to College, Baby by Karoake Closer

Thursday, June 05
FR: trying to get out of the friend zone by Judge Holden

FR: Public Transportation Day Game by Show Time

FR: 3 make outs, 0 closes by Guitar Hero

Social Circle Day 2, Blowjob by Blonde by AZ Inch

As for the rest of you, can you afford to wait one more day? One more day living a life of dating mediocrity? Of uncertainty, anxiety, shame and fear? Knowing you CAN do better with women but for some reason you AREN'T?

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