Earn a $300 Discount on Certified ABC Bootcamp!

Johnny Wolf here...

As a special thank you to all those who attended the PUA Summit this year, and in the effort to move towards my new goals, I am announcing a last chance opportunity for the Certified Bootcamps that I teach.

As some of you may know, I've been teaching full time for the last year and a half with Asian Playboy as his lead instructor for the ABC's of Attraction. I've taught hundreds of students in cities world wide and they've all had some amazing results.

But now I'm getting a bit burned out from all the non-stop teaching and traveling. So I'm moving towards products and cutting down on teaching bootcamps soon, which means, I may not be avaliable when you do decide to take a program, and the prices will definetely be going up by $200-$500 to balance the supply and demand.

But before I do, I wanted to leave you guys with something special, a chance for everyone to get their jump start into pick up or push themselves into the next level by offering an amazingly affordable deal on this weekend's Los Angeles bootcamp.

It will be my last LA bootcamp for $1,300

But for those who attended the PUA Summit this year, for those who have purchased the 2007 DVDs and for those who buy the 2009 PUA Summit tickets, I am knocking off an additional $300, making this the cheapest bootcamp I've ever taught.

When: Friday/Saturday/Sunday June 6th-8th
Three days of workshop, Three nights in field

Where: Los Angeles (Project Forbidden City)

Who: Lead instructor Johnny Wolf

Cost: $1,300 or as little as $1,000
*discount will be given on the honor system, just sign up first (PUA Summit purchases)

Sign Up: http://abcjunela.eventbrite.com/

Then if you need to, buy your 09' PUA Summit ticket at www.puasummit.com

Warm Regards,
Johnny Wolf
www.thesocialsecrets.com - personal blog
www.abcofattraction.com - bootcamp info - http://abcjunela.eventbrite.com/

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