$500 Bootcamp This Weekend Only!

Remaining Tickets
Gold: 0
Silver: 8
That's right folks coming this Friday I'm holding a very Special Bootcamp. How special? Well it's 50% off for attendees. And it's being taught by yours truly, JT a.k.a. The Asian Playboy,and several of my instructors and coaches like Johnny Wolf, Ozziesauraus Mex, Showtime (San Francisco), and Man Cannon (New York City).

So you can get the privilege of being taught by me personally at a mere $900 for gold level attendees (Seminar and field work). While for only $500 silver level attendees can sit in for the seminar portion which will be extended to include extra material and drills for additional footage (Fri – Sun, 2pm-8pm).

Now I can hear you ask yourself, “What's the catch, JT?”

Well, in order to receive this huge discount, you must be willing to appear on video and sign a model release form and other legal forms. Basically I am making a Bootcamp-in-a Box product which will hopefully be available to you in the future for those can't actually afford the real deal.

Update: Sorry, all gold level tickets have been sold! Only silver level tickets remain where you'll still receive over 15 hours worth of lecture material.

Go to http://specialbootcamp.eventbrite.com

Sign up now while tickets remain!

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