[PICS] Adam Lyons, Asian Playboy, Johnny Wolf, & Speer Quit Pick Up!

That's right folks, last Friday at the ABC Alumni Networking Party (right before the 2008 PUA Summit), we four made a shocking announcement:

AFC Adam Lyons (voted 3rd best Pick Up Artist), the Asian Playboy (voted best Asian Pick Up Artist), Johnny Wolf (awarded the Threesome Belt of Awesomeness), and Speer (voted best PUA Lifestyle) have officially announced that they are all quitting pick up and starting...


(from left to right: AFC Adam Lyons on Chiuahaha, the Asian Playboy on guitar, Speer on drums, and Johnny Wolf on digiridoo)

Anyways, we hope everyone enjoyed the opportunity to party at Project Forbidden City...

Network with fellow ABC Alumni Brothers for sarging...

Wingmanship and camraderie as well as meet other Instructors from different methods.

Consider it a perk of being an ABC Alumnus.

See you at the next ABC Alumni Get Together (New York, baby!).

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