Ask The Asian Playboy (5/03/08-5/10/08)

Hey guys,

This is Ozziesaurus Mex your ABCs of Attraction forum liaison.

If you guys have not heard The Asian Playboy has been sending out Audio Responses to your questions personally in the forums at:

This is a great way to get your questions answered by The Asian Playboy himself!

Here are the details:

"Ask all questions (serious questions "ie no oneitisisms", please!) regarding Race, Pick Up, and Dating by posting in our ABCs of Attraction forum!

For this one week, I (or an ABC Team Member) will be PERSONALLY responding in the Restricted Section of "Techniques. Tips, & Tactics from the ABCs of Attraction" (or as appropriate like FAQ, etc) per day (if not more).

I want to give you guys some serious value as to our dedication here at the ABCs of Attraction to your continued improvement and growth. I will endeavor to answer at least ONE QUESTION per day in depth if you ask it here in the "Let Your Voice Be Heard" public forum.

The cut off for each day's question or dilemma will be 11:59pm starting this Saturday 5/03/08 11:59pm until 5/10/08.

Alumni Brothers will have first dibs but this opportunity is open to everyone regardless. It simply depends on quality of the question and when it was submitted.

Email us at SUPPORT AT ABCOFATTRACTION DOTCOM or fill out this form for the Q&A:

Come one, come all, or forever hold your piece!

-JT aka APB"

There you have it guys, this wont last much longer so come and ask away.

Here is the first audio response:

Ozziesaurus Mex
ABCs of Attraction Forum Admin

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