Expect the Bootcamp to Kick You in the Balls

"I'm East Indian, 26 yrs old, and came to the US in 1992. I was a major fob and super shy, so I was picked on all thru middle school. In highschool, I made a few Indian friends. I never talked to any girls...ever. I had horrid fashion sense, went days without ever opening my mouth in school, and used to stare at all the kids during class time and creep them out"
-BrownBrownie (Chicago)
Directly from this weekend's Los Angeles ABC Certified Bootcamp, we bring you BrownBrownie's uncensored, brutally honest, and fresh off the press Weekend Review! The reason I selected this post to personally send to you was how eloquently and HONESTLY BrownBrownie wrote about his deeply moving bootcamp experience.

He included it all: The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly.

So salute your fellow brother for not only his courage in attending one of our life changing events, but also laying bare his deep personal thoughts to share with you. Best of luck to BB in the future and I'm sure I'll see him on the forums and the next ABC Alumni Dinners.

FYI, the Audio of the Double Lay Report will be going out soon as you'll need the password and website address that will only be made available to newsletter subscribers or active ABC forum registrants.

Finally, links to events will be at the very bottom.

Now enjoy BB's "Weekend of Suck!"

**This is going to be a loooooooooooong review**
-- For all the lurkers considering a bootcamp --

Instructors: Johnny Wolf & Ozzie
Special Guest: APB

Students: Graphite, Tornado Game, Alpha M, BrownBrownie & J. (2 Asians, 2 Indians, 1 White)

PS: Alpha M & Tornado Game pulled two girls, one hotel room, double lay on 2nd night! Oh man, prob one of the best stories I've ever heard, and the girls were smokin hot too. Their audio review is on this site somewhere, hopefully a written review soon.

1. My Background
2. Intro to the Game
3. BC Decision / Preparation
4. Day 1 Recap
5. Day 2 Recap
6. Day 3 Recap
7. Instructor Reviews
8. BC Rating / Final Thoughts

1. My Background:

I'm East Indian, 26 yrs old, and came to the US in 1992. I was a major fob and super shy, so I was picked on all thru middle school. In highschool, I made a few Indian friends. I never talked to any girls...ever. I had horrid fashion sense, went days without ever opening my mouth in school, and used to stare at all the kids during class time and creep them out (in my mind I was just observing their behaviors and learning).

For college, I purposely went to a school far away from home so I could dorm and be away from parents. First few weeks were hella unbearable as I had no friends and was really awkward with the ones who tried. Somehow I befriended a social guy who lived next door and by the end of my first semester, I ended up joining a fraternity with him. By the end of my 2nd year, I was chosen to be president of the frat...weird, but I guess the guys liked me and my leadership skills. Still I didn't hook up with any girls. The most I had were a couple of girls laying in bed with me...looking back I guess they were trying to hook up but I never made a move, and reframed it later that they weren't my type.

My first kiss & lay came when I was 23 yrs old with a hb5fat&boring (white brunette) who had a crush on me thru college. After graduation, we ended up in the city together, got drunk w/ friends and I went home with her. We fucked, she came twice, I didn't. Next morning, I ran out of her apt in disgust while she was asleep. I did it just so I would no longer be a virgin. ugh, sick.

Next encounter came 6 months later when I worked in a finance company, being the only real male with a group of females. Hb8bigboobs (hot blonde) coworker kept flirting with me, txting me, and sending me dirty emails. We met at a bar one night, I took her outside to an alley and made out, felt her up. The next two days at work, she told me to take 15 mins break with her, went to her car and made out, got her undressed etc. Looking back, I shoulda fclosed, but I didn't know what I was doing. I inevitably became super clingy and scared her away. She quit the job within a week and got back w/ her abusive fiance who had cheated on her right before. I figured out she used me to get back at her fiance....she had some big ass tits, damn.

2nd lay & 1st girlfriend happened when we were out getting wasted with some friends and this girl, hb6.5blondebigboobs (i love making these hb names) started rubbing up on me, so I reciprocated. She pretty much lead the whole interaction by #closing, then later myspace messaging me, then couple weeks later calling me to go out with her....we fclosed in a hotel room after getting trashed. We dated on and off for a little less than a year, she was really clingy and messed in the head (cut herself, low self esteem). I really hated the relationship as well because it wasn't really fun or interesting. We fucked a lot but I always felt empty and depressed afterwards. I wanted to be able to pick the girl I dated rather than vice versa.

2. Intro to the Game

I've always been into self help & success products and found a dyd: 77 laws of success w/ women program in June 07 - shortly after breaking up w/ gf. That led me to research Mystery, Tyler, more DYD, Style, etc etc. I read The Game about 6 months later. I've prob listened to/read every product out there ranging from dating, success, personal development, hypnosis, etc...as it's all I do to pass time at work.

3. BC Decision / Preparation

After learning about RSD and their bootcamps, I started researching "bootcamp reviews" on google. I didn't have any intend on taking one but loved hearing stories of complete super afcs transforming into puas. This gave me hope for myself.

Feb 08, I stumbled onto APB website, started reading every post and looking for more bootcamp stories I could relate to. Then I joined their boards and read more and more. I loved the idea of asian men helping others. I immediately sent an email for APB to do a one-on-one. I was told he was busy and they suggested Johnny Wolf. I researched Johnny and his bootcamp reviews, website....was impressed...and signed up for a one-on-one w/ JW by putting down deposit money.

He told me to pick a weekend and suggested a group bc would be more beneficial and cheaper. I waited two months until finally saw that he was coming to my hometown. I signed up for that one, ended up that there were no other students available, so I finally bit the bullet and signed up for the LA group BC instead. I also met another dude, my fellow student Graphite, through the forums who pumped me up for the bc...we ended up booking a hotel room together. If it weren't for him, I prob wouldn't have had the guts to go to LA.

I attempted none of the pre bc homework and did a couple of the exercises on the flight to LA. If you've read my previous posts, I told myself I would just go in cold and attempt everything at once. Man, that would come to bite me in the ass big time.

4. Day 1 Recap

I thought I had timed everything correctly but due to the shuttle taking a long time to get back to the hotel, I literally only had time to throw bags in my room and go to the bc immediately with Graphite and Tornado Game (also staying in the same hotel). This lead to me being in poor state as I normally have very little control over my emotions.

We met Ozzie & JW along w/ APB at Project Forbidden City. It was hot as balls outside (heatwave). I'm sweating, tired, cranky, and my swalls were outta control.

Lecture was informative, we learned indirect game, approaching, and buying temperature. The whole time, I'm getting more and more nervous about infield time.

At 9:30, we get dressed and head out to a cool upscale lounge type bar.

Immediately Ozzie intro's me to a girl, I thought she was his friend but she said they had just met two seconds earlier, I bomb. I stand around sweating as the other students start approaching. MAJOR AA. APB tells me to approach a hired gun as she HAS to be nice to me. I approach, she was nice and polite....but was called away on her walkie talkie. Balls. I go to other side of bar and stand there. This is really weird being in a bar and not being drunk. I've never done this before.

JW tells me to approach, I don't move. OZ tells me to approach, still I ...can't...move. I stood around, sweating, and walking from one spot of bar to another for the next THREE HOURS! I can't approach, I'd rather die. I'd rather pay them more money if they let me go home. I'd rather....get punched in the balls.

OZ takes me back upstairs to the smoking area for some fresh air. We chat, he's really chill and gets me to calm down. I'm hoping enough time has passed so we can go home. No luck. We go back down, I stand there, looking like a weirdo creep, just staring blankly at everyone. APB, OZ, JW tell me to approach, sorry guys, I can't. I told JW that I wasn't cut out for this, apologized for wasting everyone's time, and said that I should go home. JW tells me no and that I'm cool. I repeat "I should leave" "I should go home right now" at least 30 times. I can't remember any of the canned openers, let alone walk up to a girl and say hi. I thought about just sneaking out and going home, but I knew I'd get lost and there were no cabs around.

Time's now 12:30am, we have half hour left. All the other students are approach machines. I'm a big loser who's bombing hardcore. This is probably one of the most painful moments in my life, just standing there, like a loser, not being able to move, not being to use alcohol as my crutch. JW nor OZ ever criticize me, they do their best to keep me in state.

Finally JW tells me to just ask someone, anyone, if there's an afterhours bar around here. That's it and nothing more. Two set infront, go. I can't. Ok, cool, Three set behind us, go. Can't. Ok, go by the bar, I go up there and freeze. I figure maybe I'll just buy a drink instead. JW comes up behind me and starts yelling at me: "Stop thinking, get out of your head. Snap out of it. Stop thinking. You're doing it again, just approach. Keep a blank mind, APPROACH!" His yelling becomes louder and louder and louder "STOP THINKING!" .... I say: "I can ask them about the afterhours bar, but I know what they'll say". JW says something that's priceless: "You DON'T know what they're going to say, YOU DON'T KNOW". I disagree but approach nonetheless.

I kino turn a redhead and half heartedly ask, "hey, quick question. I'm new in town and wanted to know if there are any after hour bars around here." She turns around, tells me of a couple of bars and kept ....talking. I was shocked. I guess I didn't know what she was going to say. I noticed she had a bit of sass, so I bust her on it. This turns into a kino filled laughter, oh shit the set hooked!

Her friend comes over, kinoes me hardcore and tells me how cool I am and how she loves me. They both kino me, I bust on them both, the friend teaches me how to relieve back pain by streching my hands behind my back, I bust her on trying to get a free touch of the "merchandise", she laughs and kinoes me more. Long set, I tell the redhead I didn't want her number (I know, really random), she gives me her card anyways and tells me to email her. I told her maybe. Ha. I should have taken friend into comfort and tried some type of close. Oh well, I eject.

I see JW with his eyes lit, gives me a high five and tells me he's proud. I'm on a little high, a girl bumps into me from behind, I butt bump her back, she pings me again....BANG...it's on. I turn around, bust her, then bring her two girl friends in. Bust on them, long set, talk to the hotter girl of the group. Got her to admit that she's normally a bitch but she has to be because so many loser guys hit on her. She said that I had balls to keep plowing past her bitch shield and that I'm cool. Ha, if they had only seen me earlier sweating my ass off. They go to the bathroom, I eject.

I open another set, get blown out but didn't care. I think at that point, the ABC students had pillaged thru every set in that bar. It was a great feeling. Time to end the night! We bounce back to PFC and debrief.

5. Day 2 Recap

Tornado Game, Graphite, & I get some korean bbq during day. So good. My state is average, still hot outside. Day two lecture is about going direct and comfort. In my mind, last night's high had vanished and I'm starting to get nervous again.

We go to a cool club on top of a building w/ open air. [EDIT - "We set up a home base so that we have a comfort location."] I'm hella nervous, music is loud, crowd is hot.

APB immediately opens a three set of hotties, brings them back to our homebase. I immediately eject out of nervousness. The rest of the night, I tried hiding away from the instructors. OZ finds me, tells me it's ok and to approach two set asians. I kino turn, managed to say "HI", they gave me blank stare and ignore hardcore. I'm devastated. I walk around to the other side and hide out. I cannot approach, I will not approach, I want to go home to my bed and watch an episode of scrubs or something. Lame.

OZ finds me...I walk to the other side. JW finds me, I again walk away. Sorry guys, I'm really not made for this. JW tells me to approach a two set, one fattie, one oldie. Set hooks (of course it hooks, they're fucking lame and old!) and I bring them back to our homebase.....Haha, sorry guys, all of you brought hotties back and I had to go and bring the ugly twosome. I see Alpha M making out hardcore with a hottie....Props brother.

I eject, hide out once more. JW tells me to approach one more set and then I can be done for the night. I half ass it, they shit test and then ignore me (i won't leave, kept plowing), and they finally left. Phew, at least I'm done for night. It's almost closing time, OZ comes over and tells me to approach one more set.

Graphite and J approach like mad but I can't. I'm stunned, standing there. OZ tells me he won't give us a ride home until I approach just one set, any set. Just ask them any question, or tell them I like their shoes, or even just say hi, fuckin say something. At least half hour passes of me standing around. J begs me to approach ANYONE so that we can all go home and sleep. I walk around the club, open a lone black girl sitting down. I ask her about after hour bars, she opens well, but I eject....I'd rather be in bed.

We drive home, I'm a defeated man. I stay silent, crash in bed immediately for a full night of nightmares, tossing, and turning.

6. Day 3 Recap

We get the recap from Alpha M & Tornado Game about their lay. So funny. I'm dejected, wearing the same sweaty shirt as night before, my hair unkept, just apathetic, waiting for the third night to pass so I could fly back home and forget the whole ordeal.

Lecture's about extraction, phone/txt game, amogging.

Time to suit up for venue. We're told the bar is full of goth/punk amogs. Great. I don't even bother prepping myself up, the last two nights I gelled my hair, wore clean clothes, deodorant, all that jazz just to freeze up.... so I don't even care tonight. I pump up my state by talking loudly w/ OZ, students & JW about random shit.

The bar has a live band at 1230, so if we dont open sets by then, the nights over. Cool, that means I just have to survive for another two hours. JW and I talk about guitar hero, white castle, random bullshit outloud to pump ourselves up and to bait surrounding sets. I open a two set (male/female) and compliment his "No Ma'am" shit. I open male bartender dude, and couple other dudes regarding their tattoos, shirts, just random chit chat. JW and I walk to the center of the bar, he tells me to just relax, and points me to open seated 4 set of tattoo girls. I say

"Hey guys, quick question..." Immediately all of them start yelling at me "No, shut up. Stop talking, we don't want to talk to you. We hate you, Yuck, you're making us sick" .....just a barrage of unwarranted insults. Hahaha, so funny. It was either be a mangina pussbag or fight back..... Game on bitches. I come back with talking louder than them, plowing, and calling them out on their poor manners and aggressive behavior. JW is smiling, tells me to keep plowing.

They talk loud, I talk louder Girls: "Hey shut the fuck up dude, you're embarrassing yourself, look everyone is pointing and laughing at you man, just leave, why don't you just leave" Me: "So guys, in-and-out burgers, you ever eat there? What about the pink taco...etc etc" Girls: "We don't eat, shut up, leave" Me: "You don't eat? That sucks, cuz I eat and I love it. Mmmm White castle burgers, blah blah blah blah"

Hahaha, oh man, this interaction was pumping up my state. What kinda biyatch just starts yelling at a stranger, such poor upbringing.

Eventually the set dies down when a male amog comes in, I befriend him immediately, he apologizes for the girls' behavior. It's all good. JW gives me a high five and tells me I did great. Tornado Game gave me props. I felt like a fucking giant. Tornado opens a two set, JW tells me to wing him, I do. Set hooks. Girls leave for bathroom. Another three set of girls, open go...I open, stay in set. Bang. One set hottie standing by her self, open. Bang, opened. Three set of hot blondes at bar, open. I walk to them, freeze, come back. Ha, can't open them all, JW tells me at least I walked to them this time. Heh.

[EDIT - "JT tells me to do Graduation Night AMOG Exercises"].... done. Amog Alpha A.... done. Four set foreign chicks, open, stayed in set for a long time. Big boobed hottie brunette UK chick loved me. [EDIT - "I get amogged"], it's all good, props. Chick comes back to me and I kino pull her in. Bang. Two set hottie asian, opened. A hottie slut blonde walks by, I can't open, APB opens for me, I stay in set for a while until she ejects. Whatever. More amogging with Alpha, Tornado, random Mystery Method 1.0 guy in top hat, Oz and whoever else they point me to go after. Hilarious, I love amogging.

Bar closes, we leave and debrief. I feel better. I... didnt want to go home. I'm going to miss these guys.

7. Instructor Reviews

Johnny Wolf: Very knowledgable, smooth, alpha, big pimpin, high energy. Him yelling at me "Stop thinking, get out of your head" and "You DON'T know what's going to happen" will forever be in my head. It was exactly what I needed to snap me out of my nighmarish thought cycles. I wish I had those sayings on my ringtone, ha. He helped me out a lot and never gave up on me. I would have given up on myself but he kept telling me how cool and great I was even when I just stood there sweating like a little bitch. I appreciate everything you did for me and the rest of the students. I'm glad I got to take a bootcamp with you and I know you'll be a super success in your endeavours.

Ozzie: I can relate to Ozzie's game the most. He's suave, well dressed, and smooth, and quiet. Seems like he has low energy game, just like I would and he's big pimpin. He's got gangsta game, quiet but deadly. That gives me hope for myself. He was very patient with me and was a listening post while I bitched and whined about how I could never do this. He never once flinched, gave me good advice and brought me back into state...I appreciate that a lot man, I will never forget what you've done for me. Best of luck, you're going to be a badass instructor.

APB: Thanks for setting up a program for us minorities. This has helped me out a lot and everyone else who takes it.

8. Bootcamp Rating / Final Thoughts

APB wasn't kidding when he said on first day "Welcome to the weekend of suck". The first two days sucked balls. They were some of the worst nights of my life. It seemed never ending, hopeless and I would have paid more money just to leave the bootcamp. After the third night and seeing myself improve, I realize it's called a bootcamp for a reason. Man, I feel energized, changed and more like a man.

Even today, I was outside on the phone, noticed a lone woman smoking and ran a situational opener and she was so receptive, talked to me longer than I expected. She runs a nail salon upstairs and wants me to come in. I had the walk of khan as
she watched me walk towards her. I know she felt that shit in her loins!

Anyone who's thinking of a bootcamp, I would tell you to bite the bullet and do it. If you can, get over your approach anxiety by opening sets beforehand. I didn't and paid for it the hard way. No matter what, this experience is priceless and you'll make good friends w/ the other students. I'm glad to have taken a group bc (thanks again to Johnny for the suggestion).

Expect the bootcamp to kick you in the balls. Yes, it'll be highly uncomfortable, like giving your first speech in highschool or first day at a new college and having zero friends. It's going to suuuuuuuck. Having come thru the experience alive, I feel like a better man. All the things I learned are slowly becoming organized and making sense to me.

If anyone has any questions, feel free to PM me and I'll do my best to help you out.

Rating 10/10, highly recommended. Stop lurking & take a group bootcamp!


Well, hope you enjoyed BB's raw review of the bootcamp. Here are upcoming events that you might be interested in:
Thanks for reading and see you on the forums!

JT aka APB

P.S. Remember, the Audio of the Double Lay Report will be made available later this week so stay tuned!

P.S.S. Here's a listing of all ABCs of Attraction Programs:

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