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Quality - ABCs of Attraction's Tip of the Week #1

Getting into the game, I came up with many tips and tricks that have helped me with my game. So to help my fellow PUAs out, I will post a weekly tip to help with your game. Feel free to use the tips and report back with any successes or feedback. These tips have been 100% field tested and proven by yours truly!

Weekly tip #1

While upselling to extract an HB from a club or get a Day2, try to focus the upsell on her senses and emotions. For instance, “I know a place that makes the best waffles in town. It comes out hot and crispy on the outside but warm and moist in the inside. And their homemade maple syrup that is to die for! Mmmmm….. I’m getting hungry! Come get some waffles with me! That is much better than “We are going to Denny’s. You should come along.”

Another example is: “I found a really cool coffee house the other day that makes the best cup of coffee. It’s a really cozy place with local artist paintings and a huge fire place. All their coffee beans are imported so the moment you step in, you can smell the fresh ground coffee in the air and the first sip tastes just as good as the last! We can relax on their warm comfy couches and continue our conversation there.” Isn’t that better than “You got to meet me up for coffee sometime”?

So when you ground the number close with a day two, or get her to extract with you, I found it most successful when I anchor some positive emotions and senses. It also greatly minimizes my flaking.

Be sure to check back for next week’s tip of the week. For more tips and information about my highly reviewed phone consultation, feel free to check out by blog at qualitypua.blogspot.com or contact us at The ABCs of Attraction Contact Form or call us at 323-933-6525.

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