LAY REPORTS TIMES 3!!! Asian Men Impregnating White Girls Everywhere!!!

Action packed, Las Vegas pictures to come!

Toy Machine pulled tonight.

Saffron pulled tonight.

And even though Quality wasn't IN Las Vegas helping out in a KICK ASS AMAZING BOOTCAMP, he pulled a SNL (Same Night Lay) or- as we here at the ABCs of Attraction are wont to call it- a HNL (Hotel Night Lay).

Finally, Jewelz and I are shooting for either a threesome or foursome tonight. I've already made out with both the big titty blonde AND a spinner brunette. Finger banged the latter.

Naughty pictures to come.

Booyah! My Asian brothers! Boo-FUCKING-yah!

We call having the type of BIG CONFIDENT BALLS necessary to be successful in this world, THE WALK OF KHAN!

Only the baddest, most confident, most sexual of men (be you Asian or Caucasian like one of our Vegas students this weekend) have the PRIVILEGE of learning and embodying THE WALK OF KHAN that's ONLY taught at our ABCs of Attraction Bootcamps.

And as Ghengis Khan once (fictionally) asked of Conan the Barbarian, "What is best in life?"

"To crush your enemies, see them driven before you, and to hear the lamentation of the women!"

That, gentlemen, is GOOOOOOOOOOOOOD.

Can YOU imagine that kind of feeling?

Being full of confidence.

Oozing with masculinity.

Supreme in your body language.

And PRIDE in your RACE and IDENTITY?

That's what it takes to be one of the ELITE ABC Alumni and Students. Mediocrity in either students or coaches is NOT ACCEPTED.

Only the best- those with the HEART OF THE FOBby (Fresh Off the Boat) LION- need apply to transform your life from one of generic boredom and into a lifestyle of amazing potential with women.

Except tonight, my ABC Coaches & Instructors aren't hearing the cries of lamentation, but rather the ecstatic cries of "Oh YES!" from their women!

Props to Toy Machine, Quality, and Saffron! Booyah!

And, lest you mistakenly believe we didn't pay sufficient attention to our students, both Toy Machine and Saffron GAVE UP- without complaint- two SERIOUSLY SMOKING HOT BLONDES for the BENEFIT of our ABCs students whom they had approached, isolated, and then handed off to our clients who took the important step of registering for our ABCs of Attraction bootcamp.

One student made out with one of the gorgeous blondes while another student had the OPPORTUNITY (but due to the #1 Killer of All Asian Men called SEXUAL ANXIETY) for a GUARANTEED KISS CLOSE with a voluptuous Latina.

Because that's what we do.

Our Certified Coaches and Instructors are PROFESSIONALS.

But we're also

And after giving up guaranteed tail after tail, when 1:00AM rolls around, ain't nothing gonna stop my Certified ABC Coaches and Instructors from doing what I personally trained them for over 1000 hours to do... which is to be successful with the hottest women- regardless of race- at any time and in any place.

I'm JT, aka The Asian Playboy, and my BOYS, ALUMNI, and COACHES rock ANYONE else you care to compare us to:
Are YOU ready to change YOUR life and be more successful? Then it's time to either sign up as a FREE ABC NEWSLETTER READER or- putting our untarnished reputation for integrity and skills in the line of real life fire- YOU have this opportunity to register and attend either our Certified Bootcamps or one of our Special Bootcamps before we're sold out!

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