Quality's 100% Successful LMR Technique

"I like to see LMR as war. It is a battle of who has the strongest frame/mindset that wins. Now with any battle the one that comes in the most prepared will have the greater advantage. So mastering these LMR tactics and techniques will definitely add arsenal to your artillery."

- Quality
Gatsby here.

Read Man Cannon's LR (his third cold lay since he took the bootcamp 6 weeks ago) on the forums, where he successfully dealt with Last Minute Resistance (LMR) once again.

Man Cannon and I both received our in-depth sexual escalation and LMR training from Quality, one of our ABC coaches. Field-tested. Both MC and I achieved our goals -- the lay. This guy has this subject broken down to a science.

Below, he shares with you the basic overview of his LMR techniques, which takes him over 2-3 hours on the phone to explain in-depth to cover sexual escalation and LMR techniques.

Now, if you're thinking, "Well Gatsby, I don't really deal with LMR... My sticking points are still approaching, BT spiking, and building trust and comfort." You need to take the bootcamp then. Get higher quality sticking points like sexual escalation and LMR. (During my Beginner's Hell, my biggest point was sexual escalation and LMR. At first, dealing with LMR was a great thing since just kiss-closing and making out was a HUGE deal for me. But naturally as I got better... I got a little more ambitious...)

Now, if you're a pretty advanced PUA whose sticking points ARE sexual escalation and LMR, you need to either take a bootcamp to receive training on these subjects from Quality and other ABC coaches or arrange a phone consultation with Quality. And if you read his phone consultation reviews on his blog, he's damn good at what he does. Email support@abcofattraction.com to schedule an appointment or ask any questions.

And without further ado...
Quality's 100% Successful LMR Technique

Here it goes gentlemen! Below is the complete outline of the system I used to result in 100% closes and blast through LMR. It has not only yielded many successes for myself but, if implemented correctly, has proven effect in deflowering virgins and very sexually conservative and reserved girls. It has also helped many other men to blast through LMR and even lose their virginity. This knowledge is very powerful gentlemen. With great power comes great responsibility. So use it wisely and have fun. I want pictures and footage in return!

The Right Mindset

Assuming that you got logistics in line and have some sexual tension/framing, you should start with the pre-emptive LMR techniques. Remember, all of this is done under the frame of “I am an extremely sexual but not needy confident man and I will give her the best sex in her life. I know she wants me bad, but she is only putting up resistance to not be seen as a slut and no matter what she says or does, deep down, she wants sex more than I do and deeply desires a man who understands that and brings it out of her.” This frame is crucial and extremely important for this to work and have consistent successes. Remember, it’s the man’s responsibility to escalate and the women’s responsibility to resist. There have been numerous occasions after I bagged a woman that gave me 20 rounds of LMR and all the excuses in the book, resisting everything from the kiss close to the anal close, that she wishes all men understood women’s sexuality and persisted a little more rather than be such wusses but at the same time, not make her feel like a slut and let the responsibility fall on the guy’s hands.

The LMR War

I like to see LMR as war. It is a battle of who has the strongest frame/mindset that wins. Now with any battle the one that comes in the most prepared will have the greater advantage. So mastering these LMR tactics and techniques will definitely add arsenal to your artillery.

The famous quote “An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure” could be related by the better your pre-emptive LMR is, the less battle field arsenal you will have to use. In any war, the battle should be easy. It shouldn’t be hard. What is hard is the preparation, practice and training. The preliminary work. The better you train before the fight, the easier the fight will be. So gentlemen, master the pre-emptive LMR techniques.

Women’s Arousal and Inhibition Ratio

Whether you have sex or get into an LMR Battle with her comes down to two factors, how arousable she is and how high her inhibitions are. Say on a scale from 1-10 (10 being highest) she has a 1 arousability factor and a 10 inhibition factor, then be prepared to go through 100 rounds of LMR with a side of blue balls on the side. But if she has an arousability of 7 and inhibition of 5, giving her a drink will drop the inhibitions a few notches and makes it easier to dip your spring roll inside her extra fishy fish sauce. The Quality’s Pre-Emptive LMR Technique below will allow for both. It will arouse her conscious and subconscious and disarm her inhibitions which, if done properly, will provide a great chance for success. So keep this ratio in mind when you are gaming a girl.

Pre-Emptive LMR

-Happiest when she follows her heart
-What happens tonight will be my fault, what doesn’t happen will be yours
-Future projections and pair bonding
-Live in the moment and don’t hesitate when it feels right
-Style’s 100% Perfect Girl story
-Quality’s Soulmate Routine (Check out blog for more details)
-Biggest regrets in life are the things that you could have done but did not do
-That you never kiss and tell
-That you are not psycho and will not stalk her
-That you won’t judge her
-That her sleeping with you will not jeopardize her chances of a relationship with you
-That you desire a woman who is sexual and not a prude. And you are turned off of sexual prudes
-That you encourage and embrace a women’s sexuality because of how important sex is in life
-Quality’s Dining experience routine (Sexual NLP routine) (Check out blog for more details)
-Riker’s 3 rules
-Always use protection and practice safe sex
-It’s gotta be mutual
-It’s gotta be something you won’t regret but are happy with

Battle field LMR


-Dirty talk (Whisper in her ears. Deep, slow, airy voice)
-Moaning and groaning
-Describe how she/you feel/smell/look
-How sexy/beautiful/hot she is
-How much you/her wants it
-How good it feels to you/her
-How turned on/horny you/her is
-Positive reward when she complies or does something you like

Role Playing

-How bad/naughty she is
-Little sex slave routine
-Little girl

Role Reversal

-We shouldn’t be doing this
-This is so bad
-We need to stop/slow down
-I want you to respect me in the morning

Handling resistance

-Pace and lead
-Agree and reframe
-Freeze outs


-APB’s Hot/Cold
-Quality’s Sexual Tension and Dominance combo (Check out blog for more details)
-Quality’s Sexual Escalation Ladder (Check out blog for more details)
-Quality’s concept of Escalation stimulation (Check out blog for more details)
-Quality’s concept of Escalation softeners (Check out blog for more details)
-Sexual kissing/foreplay
-Face/ear/neck/back of head
-Body –Frontal
-Body –Back
-Erogenous zones – How to stimulate
-Dry humping
-Quality’s Pants LMR Technique (Check out blog for more details)
-Quality’s Bra LMR Technique (Check out blog for more details)
-Oral sex over the panties
-Quality’s Vaginal fingering technique (Check out blog for more details)
-Oral sex
-Masterbate in front of her

Post sex follow-up

Emotional talk/positive appreciation and encouragement
Warm towel cleanup
Future Projection/Pair bonding
Next day follow-up text/call

Feel free to ask me any questions and visit my blog - http://qualitypua.blogspot.com for updates and clarification. I also offer phone consultation if you want me explain or elaborate the techniques and how to apply it. If you are an APB Alumni, ask for the Discounted Alumni Rate.

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