Introducing Johnny Wolf, ABC Instructor

Gatsby here.

I remember meeting Johnny Wolf for the first time in NYC when I was an Alumni bootcamp student (retaking the ABC Bootcamp after my first time in 2006). I was very excited to meet "The Legend:" founder of the So Cal Lair, one the most active and well-run lairs in the country, and experienced pick-up artist who has dated and slept with all types of girls including hot blonde white girls, every type of asian girl possible, and was currently dating a hot black maxim model at the time.

And this past year, he underwent The Asian Playboy's training process of over 1000+ hours of ABC Instructor Certification and graduated as an official ABC Instructor.

He didn't disappoint.

During the course of dinner, he started talking to this hot blonde nearby. After the conversation (and number close), I asked him how he knew her. He said he didn't. Now, I have seen number closes numerous times from gurus and advanced puas, but Johnny Wolf has got to have the best approach game I've observed. He can talk to anyone, anywhere, no matter what situation and logistics.

He is smooth, gregarious, and alpha.

His teaching style is that of a friendly, supportive brother, but when push comes to shove, he'll get real with you. He will tell you what you need to hear, not what you want to. He will demo and help you out, but he will also push you and challenge you. And he cares about his students a LOT. I know since I was a student in his bootcamp once.

I'm not the only one that feels this way, here are some excerpts from testimonials of past clients.

Ash: "This review is personal to me since I was fortunate enough to have him as my 1-on-1 bootcamp instructor ... It will be about Johnny Wolf, the friend ... He is a person that lays it all out in order for you to learn ... About Johnny's sarges, on the rooftop patio of Chevelle niteclub, he scooped this smoking hot woman from a bunch of big alpha-looking guys that all circled him like chumps wondering WTF just happened ... There's a lot about Johnny Wolf. He's not just a MPUA. The biggest thing is this, he's one of those teachers that make you believe that you can do it. That is Johnny's gift to all his students. Thank-you."

Paduan: "Johnny is like a brother I never had. He genuinely wants to help and has the analytical skills and practical skills to point out weaknesses and provide solutions to overcome them. I’ve gotten lots of advice from close friends and family, people I really trust, but Johnny’s advice is more practical, understandable, suited to my ability and mindset, and I am more confident I am able to progress and implement his advise ... am a better and more confident person as a result of coming across your website and meeting with Johnny."

Rumble: "This guy's ability to improv and convey emotion is sick as hell. Never a dull moment with this guy, and I give him an A+ as a lecturer ... His demos were so smooth, yet simple in their execution, it always made me think, "OK, I can do this. Let me try." The first night out, this guy showed me the beginnings of what is possible, and for that I'll always be grateful."

And the rave testimonials from the Toronto Lair, who had a chance to listen to and hang out with him.

romeo911: "He struck me as the humble master ... he was very likable and giving person ... His talk about the simplification of game and the amazing genius of the [sp ABC] model was again a clear indication that he is the real deal."

Gillette: "I really liked how he broke down the evolution of the game and his bit on the ABC's of attraction. I also like the fact that there's more to Johnny than just his game and how he didn't try to be overbearing or cling to a frame of being a teacher. He was just a genuine guy who offered help if he could give it. Dinner afterwards was great fun and I generally had a great night hanging out with Johnny."

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Johnny Wolf's Personal Blog: The Social Secrets

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