[DVDS] Johnny Wolf's 10 Years of Beginner's Hell & PUA Cribs!

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I'm proud to announce that in association with The ABCs of Attraction, Johnny Wolf has recorded and produced three products for your Christmas shopping and/or the PUA in your life (for our female admirers around the world):
  1. Johnny Wolf's 10 Year Journey Through Beginner's Hell
  2. PUA Cribs: Project Bel-Air
  3. PUA Cribs: David Wygant
AND as a special Christmas gift for all of my loyal readers, here is some free footage from one of my top certified ABC of Attraction Instructors: Johnny Wolf. He's been side by side with me for over ten bootcamps now all over the world!

Check out his seminar that he gave to the SoCalLair on his Ten years of struggle in the game and how he finally got good enough to become one of my top instructors!

Johnny Wolf shows you step by step:

As a gift, everyone gets FREE SHIPPING.

Customer Review:
I just want to say thanks Johnny for putting yourself out there and talking about your life. When you watch the video you can see his passion and frustration as he talks about his struggling PUA years in high school with no mentor, no internet and no community. But he’s Johnny Wolf. He knew exactly what he wanted and he went for it. He learned it by brute force.

He reminds me of Cool Hand Luke who was stubborn, hard headed, knew what he wanted and remained unphased. It’s a time when men used to be men.

I really appreciate the honesty of Johnny of taking us through his AFC days and how he struggled. His honesty is very inspiring because he genuinely wants to help men. He never brags about HB’s he’s been nor measures himself against others.

It’s a very brave thing to speak of your failures, because it makes you vulnerable and open to criticism. It’s just like when people post their FR’s it makes them vulnerable and criticism, but that’s the beauty of the community. Everyone’s trying to help you get laid.

I laughed aloud at Johnny’s reaction to “The Game”. He was pissed because someone cracked the code to women before he did and I was overjoyed to know it was possible.

This DVD is not exactly a “how to pickup chicks”. There are plenty of people to teach you that. It’s more about how to build a lifestyle around pickup by bettering yourself, having standards and life long goals. He is a visionary that pickup will better all men, so that we can choose our lovers better and be better men in our relationships.

I’ll definitely watch this again to pickup my spirits. I highly recommend everyone watch it. It’s inspiring, informative.
-Yellow Cab, Los Angeles, CA

Also check out Johnny Wolf on PUA Cribs: Project: Bel-Air

Customer Review:
This is a dvd that needs to be watch more than once because of all the tips and info.

The dvd starts outside of Johnny’s doorsteps where seduction begins. It takes you through the living room, bar, dining room, kitchen, bathroom, and eventually to the bedroom. He lays out how to use your crib as a DHV, and gives a complete and comprehensive tour explaining the theory. Johnny teaches how to use household items to create a mood in women. Even his pets are used as wingmen, what woman can resist cute cuddly animals?! The part about the dealmaker or dealbreaker is my favourite part; I will definitely be using that part. Johnny also shows how to use the rooms to blow past LMR, sweet! He teaches why the bathroom, NOT the bedroom, is the where most women make the decision whether or not to sleep with a man. Johnny ends it with a show of class because it doesn’t end after she sleeps with you. He gives the basic on pimping your ride so you can take her home in the morning. That will make her feel special.

There is also a part on peacock theory. Here Johnny teaches how to be fashion forward and congruent so you feel comfortable. Clothing is meant to convey personality and sexuality. He draws the fine line between stylish and clownish. And that being stylish doesn’t mean it should expensive.

The one greatest thing that Johnny expressed throughout the dvd is that “PUA is a lifestyle.” This is one of the most often understated and overlooked simplicity out there in the community. PU is not a hobby, it’s a lifestyle! I recommend this dvd to anyone and it should a staple. It will make getting laid a lot easier.

-Ash, Toronto Canada


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