The Heart of the FOBBY Lion

(now, after 2 years in the business, manned daily and professionally with guaranteed response within 48 hours).]

sian Playboy here.

I know I haven't posted in a while, but I've been taking a MUCH needed break and sabbatical in order to regain my strength and physical health that I've placed Gatsby, Johnny Wolf, and the ABCs of Attraction team in a position to make up for those areas that I cannot attend to.

For that I apologize.

But also, I can't. Because it's been almost FOREVER that I've had TWO weeks off and NOT doing ANY bootcamps. In fact, I CAN'T remember the last time I had TWO consecutive weeks WITHOUT doing bootcamps. For that, I have Toy Machine and Johnny Wolf (my top instructors) to thank for.

I feel INCREDIBLY more healthy and rested.

And, in a fortuituous turn of events, this last weekend- in addition to Jewelz and 4FiveSex (whose graduation name after his formal intern-coaching training will by Ozzysauras Mex)- we had not one, but TWO Asian FOBs (Fresh Off the Boat) students.

To some, with their delicate grasp of the English language and American sense of humor, it might be a challenge.

But as I've written before, Asian born Americans (ie FOBs) generally perform and do better romantically and sexually than Asian American born. It's because they have the HEART OF THE FOBBY LION. They have that FIRE IN THEIR BELLY!

And- yes- I am the HARDEST WORKING PUA INSTRUCTOR in the business. I am the TOUGHEST Instructor. I get REAL and LASTING results for my students by teaching them "how to fish." I demand the same kind of hard work that I would expect not only of my ABC Team Members, but also of myself.

(SIDENOTE: All coaches-in-training and ABC Certified Instructors undergo a formalized TRAINING process that is composed of HOUNDREDS OF HOURS OF FORMAL TRAINING and HALF A THOUSAND HOURS of informal PUA training for AT LEAST 1000+ hours of training in MULTIPLE areas of competency BEFORE they become certified to teach my ABCs of Attraction (like my certified Instructors Johnny Wolf and Toy Machine while 4Five Sex, Quality, etc. who are still in training).

So I can and I am something of a hardass. And it works. I teach SUCCESS and FIELD PROVEN techniques and methods and thinking. I do NOT teach pie in the sky theory. EVERYTHING I teach has been field proven and field tested by myself as well as by the ABC Team Members.

But after some time, I can lose sight of what it means to be the dyed in the wool newbie. That wannabe PUA who has no concept of the Matrix of the dating and sexual code. I've done and performed and been in so many crazy Pick Ups that I forget that I once had the same fears. Or that I- being driven and determined so many years ago- pushed myself to my physical and mental limits as a wannabe PUA when other men could not- be it for reasons financial, time, etc.

I could not afford the luxury of defeat or acceptance of a lackluster, mediocre life. I mean to win and be successful in all areas of my life including romance, sexual, business, friendship, but most importantly in integrity, respect, and HARD FUCKING WORK.

So... after FOUR YEARS of this lifestyle, I can lose sight of what it means to be a newcomer. And I become not only ami I the hardest working, intense, results driven, no nonsense, analytical, poetic, and- not to mention- maudlin PUA Instructor ever seen in the entire business- but also unforgiving of defeatist attitudes.

I never accepted mediocrity in my life and I refuse(d) to see or expect it in others. ABCs Alumni are an ELITE crew. Not by their skill level, but by their HEART in both their self-improvement but also in their generosity in helping their brothers around the world- be they Alumni or not, be they a Asian or not.

It also means- tempered by Momma Bear Jewelz or my humble and skilled instructors Toy Machine and Johnny Wolf as well as upcoming Alumni coaches in training- that while I am one hell of a Drill Sergeant, you are never alone in that my ABC Team Members understand and can help you because THEY KNOW exactly where you come from and are currently in.

However, after this weekend, where I had 4FiveSex and Jewelz assist me with two students, I have renewed faith in my Asian brothers. My sabbatical has improved my health both physically and mentally.

And tonight, and this weekend, one- if not two- Asian FOBBY brothers LEARNED what it takes to be a MAN. Winners don't succeed by having a 100% close ratio, winners are the ones with the HEART OF A LION who picks themselves up after defeat or humiliation and continue to STRIVE for success.

Mediocrity and failure is a CHOICE. But not for those who have the HEART OF A LION and FIRE IN THEIR BELLY. Defeat is for those who CHOOSE to give up on themselves after a success or a failure. WINNERS choose to continue the path forward despite failure and even in the contented face of victory.

I don't advertise it, but sometimes pick up and the ABCs of Attraction can (and don't quote me on this) be something more IF you choose and fight for it.

Beyond simple pick up, or routines, but by being a HIGH VALUE MAN who gives and receives value from women, friends, and his fellow brother.

So expect bootcamp testimonials and reviews from two of the hardest working, big hearted FOBBY lions that I have had the PLEASURE to teach- Playa and Geo Metro.

Jewelz and 4FiveSex reminded me that I had SO MUCH in common with them. To describe succinctly, they had some of me- JT aka APB- in their determination, but also aspects of heart like Gatsby, Man Cannon, and others.

I expect results because I demand it of myself.


I am still a hard nosed asshole, but it's weekends like this- after months of working my tail off to help my fellow brother- where it becomes SO rewarding even after TWO YEARS.

Having taught over 150+ bootcamps.

On four continents.

From age 18 to 40+.

Virgins to established playboys.

The rich and the poor.

Asian, Indian, Hispanic, Black, White, and etc.

I saw a little of myself, of Gatsby, of Johnny Wolf, and Toy Machine, and so many other successful Asian brothers in the students that it feels me with a renewed sense of determination, contentment, and drive to succeed- not only in myself- but with ALL Asian men.

This is The Asian Playboy.


P.S. Next up... IMPORTANT ANNOUNCEMENTS and pictures us (the ABCs of Attraction crew) with the Venusian Arts entourage including my original sifu- Eric aka Mystery- and former wingman Matador, students AMOGing, students Gaming, and students in hot interracial shenanigans.

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