23 Field Reports in 1 Week

This is a beautiful thing.

23 field reports were posted in the past week on our ABC of Attraction Forum. Mostly by ABC alumni.

What's even better is that ABC moderators (Gatsby, Man Cannon, Yellow Cab, Quality) and ABC Alumni have been spending a lot of time providing feedback for one other.

And you'll read FRs of all different levels whether it's
  • reformation76 pushing through his Beginner's Hell battles
  • sight's night where he got blown-out 13 out of 17 sets
  • Sexual Chocolate's LR where he same-night lays a HB8
  • Showtime getting his first club make-out
  • malay number closing a stripper
  • Rumble making out with 3 girls at a house party
  • Playa doing his first direct on a girl
  • YellowCab almost getting a threesome

    ...we got them all.

    So visit our ABC of Attraction Forum. Read the FR (field reports) and LR (lay reports). But more importantly... go out and POST YOUR OWN... Receive feedback from ABC moderators and ABC alumni and fellow PUAs. Leave memories.

    It's a beautiful thing.

    P.S. Notice that most of the FRs on the forum are from ABC Bootcamp Alumni. That's not a coincidence. Sign up and lock-in your seat today before rates rise beginning in January 1, 2008.

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