Man Cannon's Bootcamp LR and Testimonial

"The game is all about giving out your most positive energy, and giving girls a chance to reflect that energy back to you. That positive energy includes romance, passion, desire, and most importantly... FUN!"

"That was THE first time I had ever made out with a girl before going on three dates with her. That was also the first time I had ever had a cold lay. It was truly a night of new experiences for me. The APB team supported me the whole way."
-Man Cannon
Gatsby here. I first met Man Cannon a couple weeks before he took his bootcamp in NYC. Impression: Smart, intelligent, sociable... and EXCITED! I've never met anyone more excited about the bootcamp!

As the title says, he had a good time. He successfully laid a beautiful Asian girl on the first day, in addition to multiple make-outs, kiss-closes, and number closes throughout the weekend (and I was there to witness). Yet, Man Cannon would agree that he is not a "natural" (at least yet). But his positive energy, enthusiasm, good character, and success-oriented personality was truly brought to light during the bootcamp as he absorbed all the information and implemented what he learned, out in the field.

His enthusiasm was infectious for the instructors, myself, and the students, and his talents in both the game and in business were recognized by the team. He was invited to be an intern in the APB team, and you'll be hearing more from him soon.

Now on to his LR and testimonial...

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"Man Cannon-- this is day 3. Me. A tall, slender beautiful woman. Her hotel room. See you when you're back in NYC." That was about as much detail as my friend Nightjob would go into, probably because of his sheer exhaustion from giving that woman facials all night. Well, perhaps it was a combination of that along with the trials and tribulations I'd heard about from other people who have taken boot camps. I never really took any of it seriously until I received this email from Nightjob, because he's the only person that I actually trust who has taken a bootcamp and returned to tell me his successes. I entered the game on July 23, 2007.

I didn't know what to expect going into APB's bootcamp. I had read a few PUA related articles on the net as well as some books, but I really had no clue what I was doing. I knew it. The ladies knew it. I figured if my good buddy Nightjob could make such success for himself, that I could do it too.

The APB team (APB, Johnny Wolf, and Gatsby) were all totally chill throughout the entire experience. On day 1, when we had our first outing, I approached girls I would have never otherwise approached. APB and Johnny Wolf were extremely succinct in their instruction and their coaching, and they brought out the very best game in me so that I could bring it out in conversation with those ladies. The first three sets I approached were basically warm up sets. I got some valuable practice in my A and B phases. Then, in the 4th set that I opened, I passed the hook point and got into C. APB and Johnny Wolf saw this happening, and Johnny Wolf immediately went in to distract the obstacle. I swear, I was talking to my target, and then the next thing I know, Johnny Wolf and the obstacle completely disappear. It was as if they just teleported out o the club. (I later learned that he was only 6 inches away from me, but he used his spectacular BLP skills to mini-isolate the obstacle away from us). I eventually got cunt punted, but I was getting further along in the seduction. Then, in my fifth set I was able to get past the hook point again and get into C. The APB team saw this and again pulled through for me. They socially proofed me in the most solid and fool-proof way possible. They brought me and my target over to the table where they were hanging out, they introduced us to some people, and ultimately DHV'd me without really saying anything other than "these are our friends." After what was literally about 30 seconds of social proofing, I pulled her away to an insta-date location that I scoped out earlier. I was still feeling a little shaky about my game because I was trying to remember the lessons they had taught us earlier that night, while simultaneously remaining calm and enjoying the experience of flirting with this lovely lady. I ran the cube routine in her and interrupted it at a certain point to use one of the DHV spikes that APB had supplied me with earlier that night. That brought up her BT enough to where I was comfortable asking her if she wanted to kiss me. She said, "not here." So then I said, "Ok, let's check out the stars from the roof deck." So I took her upstairs and hand-hold compliance tested her as I guided her upstairs. When we got there, I used my finger pointing up at the stars to distract her conscious mind to focus on the sky while I went in to kiss he gently on the ear. She moved closer to me as I did that and I could feel the vibe from her that she was waiting for me to take her to a less visible place (such as the roof deck) to make out with me. So we did that for a while and then she just stopped. I had trouble reading what was going on because she was getting pretty hot 'n heavy with me and I could tell she was turned on, but then she just stopped cold like that. She then said, "It's too public here." So I just replied, "Ok, let's get out of here." At that precise moment, her friend came out of no where and tried to cunt punt me. Thankfully, the APB team was there to observe the entire interaction and JT stepped in at exactly the right moment to distract her. I have no clue what he said-- it could very well have been "Pizza!" for all I know, but I saw that she acknowledged him as if they had some rapport going on earlier in the night. The obstacle's body language shifted a slight 5 degrees to turn away from us, and in that moment of distraction I guided my target away and as we were walking away I said, "I'm just going to borrow her for 2 minutes. I'll bring her right back to you." We got in a cab and went back to my place.

I had no idea that I was getting into a 7 round boxing match of LMR and ASD....

As soon as we got in the front door... even before we'd taken our shoes off, round 1 began with, "We're going too fast." I body rocked back a little bit, and then moved to her ear and said, "I know, we totally are going too fast." and then I just kept kissing her on the neck and making out with her. I somehow got her to the couch, and round 2 began with "Wait, I just want to talk. Let's talk for a minute. I just want to talk to you for a little while." I did a 2 second freeze out by turning away, and then I turned back to her and said, "what would you like to talk about?" She didn't answer, and when a few moments went by, I just went back to what I was doing. Round 3 began with, "I need to check up on my friend." At this point I repeated my sexual safety values, which calmed her and made her feel safe with me, and I also reminded her, "wherever your friend is, we haven't seen her in a few hours so she must be having a good time. She's in good hands with my friends." Since JT had meticulously planned the social proofing earlier that evening, everything worked out. The next 4 rounds of LMR were basically variations on the first three, but eventually we made it to my bedroom and I got my cookies. Over, and over, and over again. At a certain point, a thought popped into my head... "oh shit... JT said I had to open 10 sets tonigh, and I've only done 5. I need to get back there pronto." So I said, "um, don't you have to check on your friend?" That gave us the excuse I needed to get back to the club, where I linked up with JT. Right outside the club, I opened up 2 more sets, one of which I number closed. It was awesome.

That was THE first time I had ever made out with a girl before going on three dates with her. That was also the first time I had ever had a cold lay. It was truly a night of new experiences for me. The APB team supported me the whole way.

That was day 1. Over the next two days, the APB team helped me to find the best things inside me, and also helped me to break down certain mental barriers that I had in my own head. Many things that I thought were impossible (example: making out with a girl inside a club when you just met her, extracting for a cold lay, etc.) suddenly became a reality for me. As the bootcamp weekend progressed, I continued to feel more and more empowered as the APB team helped me push myself, push my beliefs, and push my personal limits as far as they could possibly have ever gone. I talked to more non-Asian women in that one weekend than I ever have in my entire life. I made out with a girl right in front of the guy that she came in with . Oh man, she was so sweet. Perhaps that guy was the new boyfriend, perhaps they were on a date-- who knows? These are all things that would have given me approach anxiety paralysis, but I realize now that it doesn't matter anymore. I no longer need to be concerned about any of the things that I once considered obstacles. I realized that if a girl is in a club with her boyfriend, it's probably because she's looking for an upgrade. If she's in there and she has a boyfriend who's not in the club with her, then she's DEFINITELY looking for an upgrade. Now, I've learned that I can be that guy that she's been looking for. It's an empowering feeling. It was inside me the whole time, but going through the bootcamp and following the instructions of the APB team really helped to bring this out in me.

The game is all about giving out your most positive energy, and giving girls a chance to reflect that energy back to you. That positive energy includes romance, passion, desire, and most importantly... FUN! When I go out, I always have a good time. I'm in beginner's hell, and I'm loving every minute of it! Thanks APB!

-Man Cannon

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