[CLARIFICATION: No other applicants need apply as this was decided months ago and the challenge bootcamps have already been taught. Do not ask about the further bootcamp challenges until you see the video(s). They were brutal.]

  1. Manh D. aka Brian D. / IamBrian / IamManh (LOS ANGELES)
  2. Sung C. aka Adamm411 / Adamm Smith / Adamm (LAS VEGAS)
It’s time to step up your game, gentlemen, through judicious application of “tough love, but without the love.”

Before entering, you both believed Bootcamps are not worth it. So I'm putting my money where my mouth is and giving you both a FREE three day and three night bootcamp.

If at the end of the Bootcamp you don't believe it's worth it, you don't have to pay... But if at the end, you think such an experience, where you previously thought it wasn't worth it, you both can pay how much you see fit.

100% free Group Bootcamp at a convenient city of my choosing (dependent upon schedule and availability). Based purely on the honor system, if you think that the program was worth the $1200 in how it improved your life then you may pay all or part of what your fellow students and brothers paid. And I already know my program is worth MORE than that…

Until such a time that happens, you will not receive the benefits of the post-program Lifetime Support Policy nor be allowed to join the fraternal brotherhood of the APB Alumni Network. Only attendance and participation in an absolutely free, three day and three night “ABCs of Attraction” bootcamp currently worth $1200.

At the end of the Bootcamp Challenge, the Attendee (YOU) decide if the experience was/is worth $1200. Think of it as the Honor System.

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