2 New LRs from APB Bootcamp Alumni

Gatsby here. I have two new lay reports from our fellow APB bootcamp alumni, Man Cannon and Sexual Chocolate. (Click the link to our forums and look at the "Field Reports & Memories" section)

Man Cannon - "The Cunt Punted Gets His Revenge"

Sexual Chocolate - "2-Banger Night - Sex in the VIP Room & Parking Lot Pull"

No descriptions necessary. Both are fun, informative, and instructional.

If you are going out and approaching and meeting women (which everyone who's reading this should be doing), post field reports or questions in our ABCs of Attraction Forum. Members of the APB team, alumni, and other PUAs will provide you valuable feedback.

And if you're serious about improving your game, there's no better way than to take a bootcamp. Trust me, as someone who spent over $1,500 and bought over 10+ different PUA books / CDs and hand-wrote over 100+ pages of notes before taking one, the APB bootcamp is what got me the results that I wanted. Best investment that I made in my life.

I'm sitting here writing this, while looking at my beautiful girlfriend who's sleeping on my bed. I was able to get a beautiful girl like her because of the things that I learned from the APB instructors, but most importantly, the person I realized I was capable of becoming during the bootcamp. It set me in the right direction for a change in my life and the APB team and alumni have guided and supported me throughout the journey. I wish the same opportunity for you all. Lock in your seat here.

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