IMPORTANT Last Minute Venue Change for the Free SoCal Lair Seminar

Ugh, when it rains, it pours. I'm a little behind schedule due to circumstances beyond my control.

First, I got a call from Johnny Wolf that the original venue we were doing the Free SoCal Seminar had to be rescheduled due to a gas leak. OK, fixable problem.

Then I accidentally poured beer on my keyboard which meant I couldn't anything up until I get into Los Angeles where I could borrow Johnny's USB keyboard.

Finally, I my early morning flight was delayed/canceled and had to fly standby on the next one JUST so I could get to LA on time. Geez... All of which meant that while I'm still doing the Free SoCal Seminar today, we will have to wait for tomorrow (Thursday) in order to do the Experimental Focus Group Workshop as well as next week Wednesday to take in the people we will have to turn away tonight.

Well, I'm here now, so here are your new details for those who want to attend this free, two hour, informational seminar...

8/8/07 update:

"Hey guys! Sorry for the changes. But Ocean Star Restaurant called today saying they have a gas leak and they have to shut down for 48 hours.

I called around all day and finally found a replacement for the Asian Playboy Seminar that's actually closer for our Orange County members. We're having finger foods catered so there'll be food and soft drinks. We ordered egg rolls, sandwiches, crepes, salad, and some other stuff.
Wed 8/8


Howard Johnson (LAX)
8620 Airport Blvd
Los Angeles, 90045

Cost is $25 including dinner and seminar.

Please RSVP Online so we can order more food:
If you must, you may also pay at the door, or by sending payment to

The new workshop is $249, but because it'll be the first time, he's going to offer it for only $40 to anyone that attends. The workshop will most likely be on Thursday instead, but you must pre-pay tomorrow.

-Johnny Wolf (Los Angeles)"

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