My Schedule's Insane: Podcasts, Teleconferences, Lair Meets, Bootcamps... Oh My!

I've been doing back to back bootcamps this Summer and it's been absolutely fucking crazy. In both the good and the bad sense.

Good in that I've doubled the APB Team roster with qualified, optimistic, and driven members and good in that I'm currently up to 133+ pages of the new "ABCs of Attraction" Workbook (which all bootcamp Alumni are eligible for free copies). It's 75% done with a great deal of practical assignments and homeworks. It just needs in-bootcamp exercises (basic to advanced) as well as post-bootcamp missions before I'm willing to give it my final stamp.

Bad in that, because of the murderous schedule and workload, I've let my email workload and other items fall to the sidelines. I haven't been able to get back to many potential students who are interested in an "ABCs of Attraction" Program as well as other equally as important items.

For that, and to all of you whom I've been hardpressed to email back, I apologize.

So, delayed workshops include:
  1. LOS ANGELES: Now August 10th
  2. AUSTRALIA: Now in October
All currently signed up attendees with deposits have been contacted and given special offers for the inconvenient delay.

Oh, and in addition, I'll be offering my special, unique, "PIMP HAND OF FURY" Bootcamp slapapooluza to a select few. Don't get too excited, ya'll. They'll be getting a special bootcamp offer, but they'll also be getting my steely backhand with as much sadistic, unrelenting glee that I can muster. You know who you are. Be afraid... Be very afraid...


  1. Pick Up Podcast this Wednesday at 8PM EST
  2. Free Toronto Lair Presentation with Frank Kermit this Thursday at 7PM - 9PM (details below). Evite and details here by Social Alchemist.
  3. Melbourne, Australian Lair Teleconference with Iceman (July 31, Tuesday at 8pm CST)
  4. Experimental Focus Workshops for the almost75% complete (currently 130+ pages of assignments & homework) "ABCs of Attraction" Workbook (projected completion is 200 pages with additional in-bootcamp exercises and post-bootcamp missions).
Presently, based off of my recent experience of doing a few city meetups and conferences, I'm customizing the content of Free Toronto Lair Meet Up like so...

CORE PRESENTATION (~60 minutes):
  1. From Average Frustrated Chump to the Laziest Pick Up Instructor: "Once upon a time, I decided I wanted to get laid more... But I also didn't want to work my ass off for it..."
  2. ABCs of Attraction 101: "KISS - Keep It Simple, Stupid!"
  3. Why Nonverbal Body Language is More Important than Verbal Body Language: "It's not WHAT, it's HOW!"
  4. Body Language & Verbal Components of the Approach: "The 3 styles of approaches that WORK and the one that's just stupid..."
  5. Situational Awareness: "Handling both tactical & strategic PU through BLP (Body Language Positioning) and logistics..."
  6. Interracial Coping Strategies: "Prejudice is in your mind... except when it's not..."
OPTIONAL BASIC TOPICS (Only one or two):
  1. Ten Story Telling Tactics: "Verbal and non-verbal tactics for any story or routine."
  2. Going from Canned to Natural: "Stacking makes perfect. But when it starts making you weird and then you stop, drop, and roll."
  3. Passive Value versus Active Value: "The basics of LAZY game."
  4. Natural Transitions: "Why conversations are like Wikipedia..."
  5. Dealing with the Six Month Hell Period: "Only 10% of Keyboard Jockeys succeed... So don't be an 80 percenter."
  1. Sexual Attraction versus General Attraction: "Good conversationalists still don't get laid."
  2. Nonverbal Kino Openers: "Don't do this at home..."
  3. Dance Game for Kino & Sexual Escalation: "Rhythm equals sex..."
  4. Two-Sets Made Easy: "BLP and Direct Game at it's finest..."
  5. Newbie Graduation & Stages of Evolution: "So I've lasted past 6 months... Now what?"
OPTIONAL EXERCISES (Only one or two):
  1. Canned Story Telling Exercise
  2. Situational, Natural Openers Exercise
  3. Dealing with Takeaway Girlfriends Exercise
  4. Kino Escalation Exercise
  1. Open Q&A: "I haven't answered your question? Let me know on any subject you want."
  2. A Man's Rite of Passage: "Why You Shouldn't Take a Program with The Asian Playboy..."
Be sure to RSVP at this evite page for the FREE Toronto Lair Meetup with Frank Kermit and myself!

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