Ibiza madness

Hey guys,

So here I am in my hotel lobby in Ibiza and I´ve got about 17 min left on the euro I just put in the machine; I decided they would be best spent updating you guys on the current exploits of myself and the rest of the APB team here in Europe.

That is, of course, assuming I can figure out this wacked out European keyboard.

Let me begin by saying this. Ibiza is madness.

The club ToyMachine and I hit last night is hands down the BIGGEST club I´ve ever seen. We´re talkin probably 5000 people.

This being our first night in Ibiza, we were naturally about as cold as could be in terms of approaches. We did our usual stuff, several sets...a couple of makeouts for me...alas, no lays yet. But the week is young.

There is definitely a marked difference in the women here, too. On just about all levels. Looks-wise, it´s mixed. I´m always partial to my blonde, bubbly cheerleader types I´m used to in Dallas. However, it´s nice to spice things up with the exotic, Euro-chicks.

Sets open wide up here. From there though the potential language barrier can be tricky. Fortunately....Hablo español...un poco. It really isn´t a huge deal however, because I can always play up the exotic element. The fact of not being able to understand a word we´re saying to each other will only heighten the sexual tension and subcommunication.

Next weekend we will hold the London bootcamp that is sure to prove a great success. After that it´s off to Paris!

Expect more reports soon!


Or whatever.

APB Approach Coach