How'd You Like the SoCal Lair Presentation?

So what did you guys who attended think of my presentation?

It was only my second presentation for a non-Dallas lair so I was still a little nervous though there was really good attendance and I felt a good vibe. I had Toy Machine at hand to help at video recording and hopefully, if it turns out well with some editing, I might put it out there in some form.

There were also some fellow bloggers like Itotem from Kiss N' Tale as well as a white woman who was friends of Pjammer (who's still working on editing the podcast we did together in San Francisco).

Well, some quotes from the SoCal Lair...

Johnny Wolf wrote...
APB is the shit. =) After the seminar, APB, Toymachine, two of his bootcamp students, and myself went to dinner at the saddle ranch and then sarging at the standard. He helped fine tune my game, and got me two kiss closes, an in-club handjob, and I ended up going back to the hotel room with one of the chicks, I'll write a full field report in a second.

The seminar went great as well, we had over 45 people attend as well!

Wngjd wrote...
Special thanks to APB for coming out and outlining some of your stuff. The info is just info, but your presence and vibe was priceless. You are indeed the "shit". The attitude is something we can all make part of our lives, eventhough I have no use for red highlights on smooth dome!

Cacky wrote...
The seminar was awesome although most of the materials were already covered on the APB blog. But I definitely think it would make a good introduction for the newbies amongst us though.

Comments... GO!

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