White Wife of Dead Asian Man and Being Called a"Facist"

Seriously, every time I come to SF, I'm never without random, crazy, or stupid stories about this upside-down town.

Take for instance, tonight. I'm rolling with my Asian student who's actually doing pretty well in his sets.

One of the two sets he opens are two white girls. While I occupy one, he talks to the other.

MY girl calls me a "fascist" for having been an engineer. Pseudo-intellectuals do an awesome job at losing my interest. Wheeee!


The student's girl was, apparently, the WHITE WIDOW of the ASIAN MAN who walked some 20km in the freezing snow in order to get help for his wife and children. And who ended up dead and frozen like a banana popsicle for his trouble.

Oh, and she was showing off pictures of her children and of her dead Asian husband.