I Got Robbed $1500 in Brazil!

So OCWaterBoy got robbed at knife point when walking back from Shenanigans in his previous trip to Brazil. Asian Papi / Papi Chulo got pickpocketed while we were at a blocko party down in Lapa.

And I get a fraudulent credit card charge in Sao Paulo, Brazil for over $1500!

Well this just sucks serious balls. And it was today of March 01, 2007 even though I told the credit card company that I'd be back before then.

Card's been blocked and the slowly grinding red tape of the credit card company is in motion, but this seriously bites. At least I'll be credited back my $1500+ within 24 hours although I still need to pick up a new card and file a claim. FUCK.

Brazil: A sunny place for shady people.

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