It ain't over till it's over

To master the game of pick-up is to master the art the two P's:

Patience and Persistence...

I had a rather interesting event last night that got me thinking about both of these words. We, as PUA's, often fall into the unfortunate mental trappings of thinking that a full-on pick up, from meet to close, MUST take place during the course of one day, and that if there's no close after a couple days-the pick up is a dead-stick and we give up.


While I was out last night chilling with some friends at a local bar after a gig, I spotted a girl whom I had number-closed a LONG time ago, HBWriter. We're talking, long before I was any degree of good. Maybe a year ago. It was relatively solid gaming then on my part, for where I was at then, and the number turned into a couple productive phone conversations, but never materialized into any sort of close. The girl moved away and I thought it was completely stalled.

I'll be damned if she hasn't moved back into town and lit up the moment she saw me. Add to this an interesting social dynamic: She's the ex-girlfriend of a fellow Dallas night-life patron (Player1), and friend of mine, who is there with her. While not wanting to weaken my connection, I also want this girl...Decisions, decisions...

I game the guys first, make sure we're still on good footing. Everything's cool, they buy me drinks. At the first sign of Player1 leaving to use the restroom, HBWriter sidles up next to me. It's on bitches. PUA versus Ex-boyfriend. My first goal is to put her back into state so I casually drop into the conversation things we had talked about 9 months ago, and some fun routines I ran on her, all of which she remembered and loved. Make-out. Re-number close. Brief HJ under the table, then Player1 returns. I push her away and at this point we're both under the mutual understanding that anything that is going to go down must be behind Player1's back. This is key guys, because scandal is a big attraction switch for women. If it's taboo....there's gotta be a reason for it; we all wanna taste the forbidden fruit. This is a risky game, and if I were just a little bit closer with this guy I probably wouldn't attempt it, but as it is, he's not quite inside my circle of trust yet.

I wish I could report this as a LR, but alas...that will have to wait. A FB of mine called, and while I was tempted to stay and pull HBWriter...I just really wanted to get laid. Let the phone games begin!

To that end, I almost feel like the term "stalling" when talking about numbers is a misnomer. Perhaps instead we should refer to the number as merely "pausing." It really is like mPUA Tyler Durden says: "You can't truly next a girl you haven't slept with," because with enough patience and persistence, and sometimes a chance encounter...You'de be amazed how the owner of that "stalled" number might find herself in your dress shirt in the morning.


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