[PICS] "I Like Big Butts and I Cannot Lie!"

Main Entry: 1popozuda
Pronunciation: 'po·po·zoo·da
Function: noun
Etymology: Portugese, from Old English assa, probably from Old Irish asan, from Latin asinus
1 : any of several hardy gregarious African, European, Native American or Asian mammals (genus Bigbuttacus) having an abnormally large gluteus maximus; especially : a Portugese Brazilian female mammal (E. stickitinherasinus) that has a large, bouncey behind, tight pants and dyed blonde hair
2 sometimes vulgar : a Portugese big butted sex machine [There are Popozudas all over the beach!] -- often compounded with a preceding adjective or invective [Dear God, look at the ass on her, she's a smoking hot Popozuda!]

POPOZUDA! Smack that ass!

THE Asian Playboy & Popozuda

Asian Papi (ie Papi Chulo) w/ Brazilian model wannabes

OCWaterBoy w/ Brazilian horny devil

Signed, Asian Playboy

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