It's Snowing in Brazil!


Actually, these pictures were taken when I had the mispleasure of experiencing the worst airpot in the world, Washington Dulles International. Dear lord, what a ghetto hellhole of an airport.

My plane from DFW Airport had mechanical difficulties and was delayed for an hour. Once I got to Dulles, I had just about 10 minutes to run from one terminal to the other.

As I made my way through the airport using one of their shuttle people mover's (which , I shit you not, looks like a Star Wars Jawa Sandcrawler), the driver SLAMS on the brakes sending people flying forward like bowling pins. Yes, we were stuck in the middle of the airport runway with a now dead Sandcrawler and a growing mob of pissed off people. Oh what fun.

Needless to say, I didn't make my connecting flight to Brazil.

The only silver lining was being setup in an executive style suite at the Hilton at $400/night for free, courtesy of United Airlines, in snowy Washington D.C.

I whiled away the time at the local hotel bar with all the other old businessmen stuck in snowy DC and saw a pretty funky glass. At first I thought I had gotten really drunk, but realized no, the room isn't spinning on me, the glass really is slanted.

Considering the inconvenience of it all, I also absconded with some cool hotel gear.

So NOW I'm finally in Brazil...

Let the adventures BEGIN!

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