Drop the Groove

Greetings and hallucinations.

So the big dawg is off to score with a handful Giselle Bundchens down south of the equator which means…..

Let the reign of Groove begin!

I'll be hangin around here for the next couple weeks or so posting up my thoughts, comments, non-sequitors and the like for your reading pleasure. Also I'm honored to have the privilege of joining up with the APB team as an APB Approach Coach, and am completely psyched to meet and help some of you guys out in Vegas in a month.

As such, I thought it might be in order for me to do a bit of an introduction for those of you who I haven't yet had the pleasure of meeting out in the field...

I'm in my early 20's and live currently in Dallas. I'm a tallish white guy with a rocker look, which is fitting to me because I actually am a musician. I go back and forth a lot on which is more important to me-music or tail, the decision often coming down to my BAC and her DD's.

My game has grown in leaps and bounds over the past year, making HUGE strides after I took APB's program in the early summer. I've since had multiple LRs, countless # and *closes, mLTRs, and a stripper threesome which I'm particularly proud of.

Sooooo….that is a little about the Groovy one for ya. Also, I, along with a Vegas bro-Toy Machine-will be handling any questions or inquiries anyone might have about taking an APB program while he's out of the country so feel free to contact me through this blog.



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