[ANNOUNCEMENT] APB's PlayStore For Playboys: Fashion for the Cool Players

Well I'm off to Brazil to kick it LEGENDARY style.

But before I do that, two announcements. I'm having Groove, former student and kick ass wingman, guest blog for a bit. I'll still be putting up my adventures and shenagins from Brazil, but it'll probably be intermittent as I run rampant spreading my Asian seed amongst the Brazilians and European/American party-goers.

Also, the big announcement is the GRAND OPENING of my very own little store (aff links): APB's PLAYSTORE FOR PLAYBOYS!

That's right boys and girls, I've hand selected every item ranging from the cool ass blazers that I've made mythic, stunningly designed shirts, motorcycle jackets, the most amazing boots & shoes, rocking watches, captivating bling bling, household items, personal hygeine particulars, and DVDs... all catering for not only the Asian man, but any man regardless of background.

I've highlighted some really cool outfits and accoutrements for your perusal and enjoyment, especially for the blokes who don't really know what COOL fashion is or how to dress FASHION FORWARD. You know, being two steps ahead of the curve, catching the eye of ladies, but still NOT being outrageously peacocky that gets you shit tested.

Of course, the more conservative of you may still think what I've selected is peacocky, but I assure you it isn't, the items that lay within the APB's PlayStore is just damn cool and bound to get you positive notice and compliments. It'll show others that YOU know how to dress and personify a cool, sexy, fashionable man.

So browse, compare, contemplate, and maybe even purchase something from my store: APB's PlayStore for Playboys.

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