[VIDEO] Keys to the VIP with a Successful Natural, Asian Player

For you edification, entertainment, and education, I give you some Prime Time videos of a show ABOUT "natural style" pickup in clubs and such night venues.

It's pretty interesting and entertaining, though anyone beyond Intermediate level probably won't learn anything except what NOT to do.

It simply shows you that "Naturals", both the good ones and the bad wannabes, are doing (or at least attempting) many of the same things that YOU, the PUA (ie Pick Up Artist), are trying to do.

Sex, seduction, and pick up are NOT new. It is NOT weird. It is NOT unnatural. It happens EVERY NIGHT. It happens in EVERY CITY. It happens AROUND THE WORLD.

Women ENJOY (and benefit, no less) from the Game. The enjoy being Gamed by cool, attractive dudes. They only care (and get weirded out) by creepy guys.

So watch on... And to cut to the chase, the Asian dude wins every single challenge. Maybe he isn't the best, maybe you MIGHT do it better, but he took care of business WHEN IT MATTERED MOST.

Four videos...

Part 1

Part 2

Part 3

Part 4

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