Video: Four Asian Men Take on the Interracial Challenge

Fellow Asian PUA (Pick Up Artist), JuelzUSA, pointed me to this link...

It's a 15 minute video (not the entire movie) of four Asian friends becoming sick of dating Asian women, the unequal dating field, and taking on a bet to successfully date interracially... or more specifically, white women. It's from EM West Productions.

Here are my thoughts:
  1. Way too much emphasis on White Women, as if they're the holy grail. Sure, date interracially if you wish, but putting them on the pedestal automatically places you- the Asian man- at a disadvantage.

  2. Dissing Asian women as Sellouts. Yes, that phenomenom exists, but concentrating on it simply wounds your own Inner Game. Sure recognize that it exists and some AFs are like that, but don't obsess on it. Move on and achieve what YOU are looking for. Not them.

  3. What's with the opening dance number? Seriously, learn hip hop or salsa. That modern interpretitive dance is for the birds, nerds, and virgins.

  4. Less talking in a foreign language. A large put of PUA is about your tonality. It's hard to hear and critique when they're not speaking English. Sorry, if you're going to interracially date non-Asian women, gotta speak English.

  5. A certain underlying defeatism. While I oscillate on how much time is spent and how necesary (and how much) time is spent recognizing that it is an unlevel playing field, the movie definitely seemed to spend an inordinate time on the negative instead of the positives of taking a proactive stance.

Some things I liked...
  1. It did show Asian men taking a proactive stance as opposed to sitting back and taking it.

  2. One guy seemed to be a genuinely successful lady's man.

  3. A support structure in pick up is vital. You encourage each other, critique each other, and basically act as a team to reach the goal instead of pulling each other down.

  4. The FOB has the girlfriend. In my experience, a good majority of FOBs make the hardest workings PUAs out there because they don't have a lot of the limiting beliefs that growing up as minority can instill.