The 10 Things You Should Keep In Mind When Planning To Meet Women During The Day (Part 4)

I am going to wrap it up today by giving you guys the last portion of my article. Now that I have my new website up and running, I’ll be able to write articles here more frequently.

Tip #6 Build The Ideal First Impression Early On

People form their first impression of you within the first few minutes of meeting you. After that, they already have a formed picture of you in their minds. You have been categorized. This mental category that you’re in will act as a reference in the future.

That’s why first impressions are very important. Women are very intuitive and based on your behavior patterns, they are able to come up with an unconscious decision whether or not there’s a possibility that they will even consider sleeping with you. This is the sad truth for most guys.

Fortunately, not everyone has to be like this.


You need to put your best foot forward within the first couple of minutes of meeting her. You need to be able good things about you both verbally and non verbally. You need to know how to convey you’re identity right away.

Tip #7 Master Your Vibing Skills

You’ve need to learn how to stand up before you can walk. You need to learn how to walk before you can run. You need to learn how to vibe before you learn anything else.

I believe that vibing is a MUST when learning how to meet women during the day. As a matter of fact, vibing is a MUST if you want to be successful with communicating with anyone.

Exercise: Forget all your routines and materials for now. Just talk to as many strangers as you can as see if you can at least hold a conversation for 15 minutes by just being yourself. If you want to learn the other exercises that teach in my Day Game Boot Camps then shoot me some questions at: let me know how this works for you. Remember, your goal is not to get a number and not to get attraction. Your goal is just to vibe. Just talk.

Tip #8 Be Comfortable With What You Do

If you’re comfortable with the things you do then you can pull of anything. The last thing you would want to do is be all nervous and jittery when trying to do something. It’s normal to be nervous but it doesn’t have to be apparent to the girl you’re talking to. Remember that It’s all in your head. If you think you’re small and you can’t last a very long time then don’t assume that everyone else around you knows that. They don’t. They don’t know a thing. So instead of playing the role of a beginner why don’t you try out pretending that you’re really good at this. Try putting the role of a super confident and comfortable guy that gets laid and doesn’t give a shit. Remember that to women, You are who you project and convey.

If you’re comfortable and relaxed then she will soon be comfortable and relaxed. If you’re nervous and tensed then she will pick up on that too. I’ve got tons of exercises for this. Here are some:

If you’re nervous try placing both of your hands on top of your head in a super relaxed position and just start slowing down and talking deeper.

If you’re sitting down slouch a bit with your legs up on a chair

Bring a lollipop with you every time you’re out. Make sure you eat it while talking to people and it will make you more relaxed and comfortable.

In other words, do the things that make you comfortable when trying to meet women during the day.

Tip # 9 Build A Connection

I discuss this in depth on every single one of my boot camps. Actually, I call this the “HEART OF DAY GAME”

Let me tell you why. How often does a girl laugh during a day? Week? Month? Tons of times. When someone does something funny she laughs. When she sees a funny movie she laughs. When something embarrassing happens (someone farts) she laughs, and the list goes on. Bottom line is that women laugh all the time.

On the other hand, how often does a completely stranger come up to her, make her laugh and at the same time build a connection so deep that she feels like she’s know him forever. A connection that she wish she had with her mega best friend or boyfriend. A connection that she’s always wanted but she never found someone who could give it to her? My guess is that it rarely happens. Sometimes it never happens.

For now just learn how to relate to people on all levels (E.G. physical, logical, emotional).

Tip # 10 Pull Her Into Your Reality

This can be done by being by

- Being Passionate About Everything
- Learning How To Push The Conversation Forward
- Creating A Vibe So Powerful That She Has No Choice But To Get Sucked Into It
- Learning How To Use Social Programming To Your Advantage

So there you go. Those are the 10 tips that will help you succeed with meeting women during the day.

Learn How To Meet Women During The Day