The 10 Things You Should Keep In Mind When Planning To Meet Women During The Day (Part 3)

L ast time I went over the importance of mastering your opener and having a game plan before going out. Today we’ll go over some KEY day game principle you should keep in mind. Before I go on I’d like to share a story with you guys.

I’ve had one of my best boot camp experiences a couple of weeks ago. A student of mine flew in from San Jose for a day game workshop with me. Let me give you guys a little background on this guy. He’s about 5’6, average looking, Chinese Filipino guy. He’s lucky enough to have the Asian discount ( he looked 20 years younger than he really is) and he tells everyone he’s in his 20’s. He’s taken about 7 workshops, been in the community for about 6 years now, has been isolated for more than 30 years of his life, and has experienced very minimal success with women. He was a hard case and that’s what I thought, at first.

He’s never had success with meeting women during the day. He’s been rejected over a thousand times in his pursuit to get good with women...

First time I saw him, I knew he had what it takes to get good. He just needed good information, a couple of subtleties fixed in the way he came across, and a solid game plan. In the next couple of days, I focused on nothing else but getting this guy good. After 2 days of intense training, it finally paid off for him.

As we’re walking down the mall, I noticed a tall attractive girl walk out of a store. She’s about 5’10 (wearing flats), red head, nice complexion, and a killer body. She walked out of Macy’s with her hands full of shopping bags. I knew she was a challenge for my student so I pointed her out and he storms off chasing her from behind. Based on the knowledge I’ve given him, I was confident that he would have amazing results this day. I just knew he would.

After 3 minutes of talking with her, it looked like she was going to walk away and she did. Except she was walking with HIM! They ended up sitting down in one of the benches, nice. I casually sat down in the bench in front of them as I tried to listen to their conversation.

Next thing I know, they both stand up with their arms locked together as they walked towards the ice cream store. I was amazed with this guy’s progress. The funny thing was it was such a head turner. Imagine an average looking 5’6 Asian guy walking around with a beautiful 5’10 red head. One of my student’s even looked at me and said “Dude, this guy is dressed like my dad, how the hell can he pull this off?”. By the way, I went wild when I saw this happen. I was jumping up and down, hi fiving everyone, and yeah, let’s not even get there.

They end up eating and vibing for the 30 minutes. I was on the second floor watching the whole thing go down. As soon as I determined the energy of the interaction from a far, I called him up and said “Take her to the fountain now and kiss her”.

He did what I said. They stood up, walked around the mall and ended up in the fountain. I was excited for my student, he was about to experience his first “KISS CLOSE” in broad day light with a girl he just stopped on the street. Next thing I know, he grabs her hand spins her around and lays the smoothest kiss on her. Everyone was cheering them on. It took massive balls to pull that off and he did. She ended up blushing. I knew my job as an instructor was done for that day.

He came back with the biggest smile on his face. I could see the light sparking from this guy’s eyes, and his body language and energy tells me that his confidence just shot through the roof.
He was blown away with what just happened. Apparently the girl was on her way to meet her boyfriend but ended up forgetting about him for an hour as she was busy shooting the shit with my student. Oops, If only I knew that before hand=p My former student, who saw the whole thing go down, looks at me and says “You know what you just did? You just gave dynamite to a little kid. You’ve created a monster”. Once again, oops.

OK enough with the stories and off to the next point

Tip # 5 Match The Energy Level Of The Person/Group And Environment

It’s hard trying to explain energy levels over text because most of the time it’s something visual. When you’re out approaching women all the time, you’ll get a feel of the right amount of energy that’s needed to maintain a conversation. You develop energy intuition. I’ll give you a couple of tips on energy levels. High,

Rule # 1 Always match the energy level or be slightly higher
You should always match the energy level of the person/ group and environment or be slightly higher. This has been discussed a lot in the community. You should never go in to an interaction with a lower energy than what’s present. Why is that? Simple, you wouldn’t want them to have less fun then they’re already having. Each individual need a certain amount of stimulation in order to stay focused on something. Always stimulate her emotions up to point where she’s completely invested in you.

Rule # 2 Fractionate for maximum results
Always fractionate for maximum results. It’s always good to make her laugh or pump her buying temperature up at different times in the interaction. This will help keep her focused and will help in maintaining a little bit of tension between the both of you.

Rule # 3 Calibrate and customize your approach to every situation
Don’t follow every single rule in the book. Nothing is dogma in pick up. A girl who rejects you may want to fuck you later on. A girl who says she has a boyfriend may mean that she wants to have a discreet relationship with you. You can get a “10” without negging her to bring down her value. You can get a kiss close on the first day trying out how to pick up girls. Nothing is definite. Listen to your gut because It is mostly right. Every time you feel that what you’re about to say is going to suck then chances are it will suck. So go out there, fail then succeed a couple of times until you’ve built up your field intuition. From there on you should be unstoppable.

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