The 10 Things You Should Keep In Mind When Planning To Meet Women During The Day (Part 2)

In the first series, I discussed the importance of mastering your location and being social with everyone.These two things are essential to you success when you're learning how to pick women up during theday.

One of the biggest mistakes that I see around, is that most guys try to get as much information as they can on "Pick up and Seduction" without putting it into practice. This phenomenon is fueled by the fear of rejection and failure. It's a fear installed in each and eveyrone of us. This fear is so strong that we literally would do anything to avoid it. The solution is to take baby steps.

You can cram a whole course of picking up women in just 3 days but it'll be difficult, like cramming for your finals. Yes you'll get all the information you need, seeds will be planted in your head, but when it comes to actual skill development after a bootcamp, you need to take steps to make consistent progress without the aid of an instructor. You need to learn and master one thing at a time and that brings me to my next point

TIP # 3 Master Your Opener

It all starts with your opener. I cannot stress this enough but the purpose of the opener is just to open. Some guys can get some attraction of the opener when they have the right subcommunications down but that takes a lot of time and practice. An opener is just meant to get your foot in the door. Most guys leave the interaction after the opener thinking "Oh I failed because she I didn't see signs that she was attracted to me" and that's bullshit. You're going to have to lead the interaction after the opener. That's your job.

Recently, I've discovered what I call the "Never failed daytime openers". These openers allow me and my students to engage a set with a 95% chance of the interaction being successful. I might share these with you guys in the near future.

Right now, just pick 1 opener. You don't need 2 or 3, just 1, and master it. Get it down. Use it all the time until it just rolls of your tongue smoothly. Remember, you only need 1 good opener that would work for you and you're good to go. As a matter of fact, I only use 1 opener. That's all you'll ever need, usually girls will forget what you opened them with anyway, so yeah.

TIP # 4 (Oh yeah before I forget, before you go out you need to...) Know Your Game Plan

This whole thing boils down to being prepared. Expect the best. Listen carefully when I say that It's possible to pull a girl back to your house the very first time you meet her. I want you to believe in that and expect it.

Quick story: I remember a couple of guys saying that "You need about a couple hundred approaches before you experience success with women" or something like that. Well I never really believed in that. I hated failure so much that the very first time I tried picking up women in the mall, I ended up kissing her on top of the fountain and everyone applauded afterwards. Keep in mind that this was my very FIRST TIME i went out to the mall and picked up a girl. Before that, all I could do was open a girl then leave after that.

So what changed? Simple, Before I went out I prepared for it. I knew that if only I tried hard enough I can make it happen. So when that one girl came along, I opened her, next thing you know we're walking arm in arm around the mall, then it ended up with me kissing her at the end of the interaction. I was blown away by my own performance. The other guys that we're with me hated me for that (In a good way of course). She ended up pulling me back to her car and that's when I screwed up. I didn't know how to escalate. I wasn't prepared for it. I was only expecting a kiss
and not sex. A very painful lesson was learned that day.

Well now I know what to do, and where I failed you will succeed. Have a game plan guys. Really. When you've screwed up an awesome opportunity with a hot stewardess, like I did, then you'll never want to go out without having a game plan ever again.

It is very important to have three things in mind (I will talk about these in great detail in my newsletters)

a. Your plan for the second date- Have an exciting plan for a second date and know how and when to deliver it.

b. Your plan for that day- Know your location and where you're going to take her for an Instant Date.

c. Your excuse to get her back to your house- Have and excuse to get her back to your house. Getting her back to your house
can be something you directly put out there or an "accidental" thing. Your call.

(to be continued...)

Your Day Game Coach,

Learn How To Meet Women During The Day