Interviewing a Model

Today I'm going to be posting something interesting for you guys. It's a little chat I had with a friend of mine that models and gets hit on all the time. It's not even funny. There are advantages and disadvantages that come with having a really beautiful girl for a friend. I'll list a couple.

1. You get comfortable hanging out with girls of this calibre. It's going to make it easy for you talk talk to 9's and 10's (If you like labelling girls like that).
2. You get insights on how her mind works. Chances are if she gets hit on 99% of the time, then she must know a lot about the whole dating scene in common.
3. You get to meet her hot friends
4. You have a cool friend to hang around with.
5. Fashion advice if needed and a lot more.

1. When you're out with them in the daytime you get approached by guys all the time. This can be a good thing or a bad thing. It sucks if you value your time and you have a lot of stuff to get done.Good thing, you can practice handling guys in the interaction: befriend or blow out? up to you.

2. Umm can't think of any right now.

So where was I? Oh yeah, the mini interview. I have been busy working on my website, which I will be launching soon, for the past couple of days. Then it suddenly struck me that I should have female friends come over and give talks and critiques as well. So i started qualifying them to see which one would be perfect for the role. Here's an insightful one might help you out in one way or another.

Grungey10: How good are you when it comes to men's fashion? Including the different styles and what look might look good on a guy and etc....


Pretty good. I have a hard time actually picking things out for a particular guy, because whatever you choose, he's going to think it's over the top. I think for him to like it.... just choose something as plain, and earth tone as possible. That's just most guys. They wear black, grey, blue, white, brown, and thats it. Anything else is "gay". Unless they're from Hollywood, and they have a wild sense of style, and aren't afraid to dress they way they feel, over what other guys are going to think of them. Which I think shows character, and some gonads. My personal favorite look is the beat up T-shirt.. not to huge, not gayish-tight, but not oversized. A five a clock shadow. Not too much product in the hair, or none at all. Fucked up hair, that's sexy. And jeans. All that with flip flops, or some converse, and he's ready to go. Sans the wristban. Sans the trucker hat, and please, no flipped up collar with the elvis glasses. God, those guys are posers.

grungey10: How are you good at reading bodylanguage and a vibe that a guy gives off?

Hbmodel:Almost a 10

Too good. Comes naturaly. Actually I have to make a concious effort to turn the "body language reader" off. If a guy is really cute, and he appears nervous, I think that is just so charming. If a guy is midly handsome, and calmly confindent, thats charming. If a guy short, and OVER confident that's typical. I personaly like guys that are humble and level headed, and down to earth. All of these things are apperant in the body language. This is where you can see hidden intentions, and the things the subconcious just cant keep quiet.

Grungey10: Are you good at giving positive,negative criticisms, and insight that would help a guy improve his image?

Hbmodel: 9

Yeah. Its fun. I do it for my guy friends all the time.

Grungey10: How social are you?

Hbmodel: 8

Pretty social. Depends on what for. If I'm caught off guard I may appear very shy. If I'm going out for an event, that I actually got ready for, then I'M ON. It's like a little switch. Partyies - way social. In line at starbucks- stop looking at me.

Grungey10: How good are you at shooting down guys? (this one is a must)

Hbmodel: 8.5

I'm good. Yes. But I don't consider "good" to be "how bitchy" you can be. When I was younger, 16 through at least 21...... I was a bitch to guys that approached me. I'd roll my eyes, and yawn, and give one word answers, or just walk away. But then I realized, hey, THAT SUCKS! It actually took alot of guts to walk up to a girl. They guy was probably killing himself before and after the approach. Plus, he was probably pressured into it by his friends, and they're all probably watching. It's not nice to be a bitch, is my point. Now, I just give the guy about 5 minutes to talk, and make him feel "okay" about approaching me. Let him give me the stupid card. Look at it, and say, "Okay well I it was nice meeting you". He walked away still feeling okay about himself, and I just got myself off the hook.

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