Sneak Preview

I'm currently up to 6 pages of stuff to talk about, next time around I might cut it down so it's a little bit more manageable. I'll send it to my subscribers before I fly out to Atlanta on Friday.

Table of Contents
[APB-p1] New York Fashion Week… 1on1 Bootcamp Opening
[APB-p2] Review of Mystery’s Ebook “The Venusian Arts”
[APB-p3] “An Exercise in Persistence” Lay Report
[APB-p4] Ask Asian Playboy (Asian Papi, Negs, and Other Shit)
[APB-p5] Preview for the Case Files #2

[APB-p1] New York Fashion Week… 1on1 Bootcamp Opening
There’s a chance that I may be in New York for Fashion Week cutting my teeth on real supermodels (I’ve laid models, but not from the famously rich Sports Illustrated/Victoria’s Secret echelon). It’s not set in stone since the New York trip will be on my own time, but if you are interested in taking a 1on1 or 2on1 with me the weekend it ends (that Friday through Sunday), please let me know ASAP.

As a reminder, all fees go up once I’m profiled in the March issue of D Magazine. So please contact me using this form..