Minor Changes to the Blog

If you haven't noticed, I've made some minor changes here and there, mostly cosmetic.

I've also cleaned up the blogroll, deleted ones that haven't been updated in a while, and added
PlayboyX. If you want to be added, please e-mail me with the link and I'll update (when I get around to it which could mean that day or some vague time in the future) but only if I've been linked as well.

Some time soon I think I'm going to post up some random pics and stories of the infamous Project Hollywood... that mythic, ill-fated house that was home to Mystery, Style, and Herbal, as well as the Real Social Dyanmics crew of Tyler Durden, Papa, Xaneus, PlayboyLA (now PlayboyNY), Sickboy (who runs Cutting Edge Image Consultants with PlayboyNY), Geoff, NaturalJ, Protocol and a host of others like Courtney Love, random gay coke fiends, etc.

That's all.