Blog Redux & APB's Wingman Rules

If you haven't noticed, I've once again made some changes to the underlying code and spiffed things up. Hopefully it makes my blog easier to navigate though there may still be some loose funky code hanging about.

I posted this on the Dallas Wingman Message Board, but I also thought I'd share them with you. So to all the would be Pick Up Artists, seducers, mack daddies, don juans, casanovas, flirts, socializers and pimps... I give you APB's Personal Rules for Wings:

1) ALWAYS bring the three essentials: mint, $20, and a condom.
2) Don't get puking, falling down drunk unless it's a special occassion like a birthday or something.
3) Dress correctly. If a venue doesn't let in tennis shoes, don't fucking wear tennis shoes.
4) Just because I know the promoter and/or bouncer doesn't mean I can get 10 other guys in. Don't expect me to even try.
5) I hate waiting. I will leave your ass if you are not operating on the same geological time scale.
6) Carry your weight. I have no problems with winging with newbies, in fact I'll help you out, but I'm not your keeper.
7) Know how to get to the venue.
8) Leave negative thinking at home.
9) DON'T talk about Game in front of my social circles friends (ie non PUA peeps). Not everyone I hang out with is a PUA or a target.