Another Why We're In the Game Post

Self-explanatory, read on.
From confession site 12/20/2005 at 12:38:23

Even though I was far from being a virgin, I refused to have sex (even oral) with my husband for the entire year that we were dating and engaged. I fell for him right away and I knew he was the man I wanted to marry, but I wanted him to pass the long celibacy test to prove his love for me before I could truly give him my heart. But I'm such a horny girl I could never go without sex for more than a few days. So the whole year that my husband to be was taking cold showers I was secretly sowing my wild oats with other guys. I feel most guilty about two times in particular. The night he proposed to me I was so happy and of course I said "yes" but as soon as he dropped me off at my apartment I had an ex-boyfriend over and we did it all night. The other time was our wedding day. I scheduled a professional in-home massage for myself that morning to help with wedding day jitters. But when the masseuse turned out to be a hot guy instead of a lady I seduced him. He was well endowed and he spent the whole morning reaming my pussy while I came so many times I lost count. I was so sore I could hardly walk and had to tell everyone at the wedding I was limping because I pulled a groin muscle doing aerobics. I have been faithful to my husband since the wedding eight months ago. But he is a poor lover and has a short, slender penis. I have had to fake every orgasm with him. Honeymoon sex is supposed to be the best but for me it was terrible--though I pretended to love it. I kept the business card of the hot masseuse and have twice since the wedding picked up the phone to call him--but backed out at the last second. I love my husband a lot and despite the lousy sex would never leave him or intentionally hurt him. He is the kindest, gentlest man and will make a great father to our kids one day. But I am desperate for a good pounding from a well-hung man. I think it's only a matter of weeks...

There are Lovers and there are Providers... Which one do YOU want to be in 2006?