"It's Against My Religion!"

OK, so this is a new one to me...

I've heard of things "similar" to this, but never experienced it myself.Yes, once the one night stand is over, I've left or been gently hinted at leaving, but I've never been simply told by a girl that "It's against her religion!" to stay over night and cuddle. And this wasn't really a one night stand deal, this is another hired gunthat I've been gaming for some time and FINALLY bagged after much legwork, phone game, etc etc etc.

LOL, I mean I've heard it BEFORE the shag, but never AFTER.

She went to church that night, so that might have been a factor, but it was definitely an odd, but "understandable" chick logic post-LMR & ASD rationalization (ie "We didn't REALLY sleep together if we didn't SLEEP in the same bed over night").

Also note, I finger banged her in my car afterwards for good measure and she just called me to have "breakfast" (post-noon), so there you go.

In other words, you don't REALLY have sex until you've SLEPT over.

"It's against my religion!"