Star Guest Instructor From California for the Nov 12th Bootcamp

I am pleased to announce a special surprise for those attending the Nov 12th bootcamp.

My best friend and wing in SoCal is flying to Dallas for the Nov 12th workshop and will be our Star Guest Instructor. A personal friend of both Shark and BadBoy, OCWaterBoy excels at direct game. He started off doing Mystery Method, experimented with direct, and never looked back becoming one the best and most vocal advocates of direct game.

He will be teaching a small segment of the seminar portion about direct game and will also be on hand during the field exercises. He will be here only that weekend for students, so be sure to soak in as much knowledge about the direct experience from the OC King of Direct.

PS As a reminder, we are still taking waiting lists for both bootcamps. I will know by tomorrow who could not meet the deadline & cutoff for the Nov 12th bootcamp and if need be opening up a spot for people.