OCWaterBoy, Captain Jack, and more!

First, I just picked up OCWaterBoy from the airport and damn, am I pumped up for this weekend. Not only is this guy one of my best friends (not to mention a damn good wingman), but he's the Go To Guy for Direct Game. With his permission, I've posted up a pic that you HAVE to see to believe. It is only available to Dallas Lair members. He will be speaking on direct game for the Nov 12th Bootcamp.

Secondly, two announcements for Nov 19th. The first one is that Captain Jack will be officially joining our team and be a Master Field Instructor. He will be speaking on his NLP techniques. This guy is definitely one of Dallas' best scalliwags out there! The second item is that we will be having a reporter from D Magazine taking the workshop with us.

And FINALLY, we are proud to announce that we are flying in ANOTHER Star Guest Instructor for the Dec 3rd Day Game Beginner's Bootcamp. Further details forthcoming for those on our guest list.