My Thoughts Are With Papi Chulo

I'm about ready to kill someone.

A friend of my best friend from the community and back in LA, Blade/Papi Chulo/Asian Papi whom OCWaterBoy helped get his first lay (that I wrote about here), got sucker punched last night down at the Standard in Los Angeles.

Now this is a nice place I've been to before and shit like that never happened when I went there. Details are incomplete, but I think Papi went in direct style in a mixed set of one girl and one guy. When Papi ejected, the guy sucker punched him and ran away. He now has severe facial injuries and knocked out on morphine.

I don't know what went on or the complete story. Papi, a good looking 6 foot tall Asian dude, probably told the girl she was beautiful, but the guy was probably some chump who had his own designs on her (doesn't sound like a boyfriend since he ditched her when he ran off) or maybe he was a racist bastard and considered it an affront cutting in on a white girl. I don't know.

Shit like this happens, but I want to hurt someone severely. Link to the report here.

My thoughts to you man. Get well and bounce back.