Make her slap herself

Here's a tactic that can pump up a girl's emotions and get her laughing (at herself): it's funny, it's emotional, it's dominant and can be somewhat sexual.

You're going to do this when she's comfortable with you- preferably isolated- and you're leading her. The intent is to lead both her mind AND her body.

You: "OK, close your eyes for a second."

Her: "Oookay."

You: "Relax your shoulders" (Touch her shoulders, give it a little rub, nothing too aggressive.)

You: "Now, bend your elbows and make your palms flat." (Open her hands and hold them briefly. Raise her hands so they're in front of her face. So now you're holding her hands up in the air next to her face.)

You: "Are you relaxed? Cool, now I want to imagine the FUNNIEST thing that's ever happened to you. You've got that image in your head now?"

Her: "Yes." (If she says no or is having a hard time, tell her she can't be THAT boring or recall a moment of being funny and playful that you had earlier that night with her)

You: "Cool. Are you ready?"

Her: "Um, yeah." (Proceed to use her hands to slap herself.)

You: "Oh my god! What are you doing?! You're out of control! Stop it! Stop it!" (all the while laughing your ass off and she should be too.)

I've NEVER gotten a bad response from this, but I can see if she isn't comfortable with you when you do this, how it can go badly.

This sets up a frame of you cavemanning her, taking control of her body, directing her thoughts and emotions, and just being plain funny (well, you're laughing sort of at her, but it's still funny to the both of you).

There are other variations, like using her hands (while yours are over her's) to rub her body and then the breast regions or wherever (obviously done in the seduction phase). After all, she's used to touching herself and already comfortable with it.

Let me know what you think.