The Attributes of a Successful Playboy

I saw a great post on the Ask Men forum here by Flacation. One of the posters details what are the traits that make a great player, lady's man, and playboy. Where do you stand?

-He has studied you even before he has approached you, and he studies every-single-little-thing about you once he knows you.
+ I tend to go in immediately and socially calibrate on the fly.

-He takes his time and waits for the perfect moment to strike.
+ Sometimes I might wait to see what the situation is like or for it get better, but a lot of times I simply roll in and let the fireworks fly.

-he's ahhhh smooth, but not to smooth. Suave.
+ True

-he's charming but not to charming.
+ True

-He says all the right things and at the right time.
+ True for the most part. Sometimes I still get thrown, like when I was hanging out with a girl after she called me at 1AM in the morning to tell me she wanted to hang out and "that guy" was no longer an issue. While we were hanging out, her dad called. Someone died and she started bawling. Didn't quite know how to handle that since I've never had that situation before.

-He's laid back.
+ True

-He's not afraid of looking you in the eyes.
+ True

-He's not afraid of many things, but those things he is afraid of he will hide it from everybody, including family. He will never admit to any fears.
+ Very true.

-He does not have a lot of women hanging over him, he makes sure of this and it is
part of his plot to not seem like a threat.
+ Sometimes.

-He always has a great sense of humor.
+ Very true. I'm always very playful and fun loving.

-He's a sweetheart and everyone loves him.
+ True, or at least I like to think so.

-He knows a lot of people but doesn't hang around them all the time.
+ True

-He has connections (doesn't matter what it is) within and outside of the law.
+ True. Less on the outside of the law, but a few.

-He's smart.
+ True

-He will not call you, he has worked it so you will always be the one calling.
+ Still working on that. Sometimes I got them hooked and they'll call nonstop. Otherwise, I still have to initiate a lot of phone dialogs and opportunities to hang out.

-He does not waste his time with a woman that is not a challenge, he loves the game. He thrives on it.
+ Depends on how hot she is.

-They have been known to go for an easy lay, they don't like it though, they do it when they are extremely horny or on any kind of substance.
+ True.

-He always has class.
+ True

-He is low key, doesn't brag.
+ Half true. I don't brag, but I'm hardly low key in an interaction. I almost always dominate and lead conversations. Like, if a girl asks what car I drive, I always tell her it's the CRAPPIEST car in the parking lot. In fact, I might need her help to push it out of the parking lot. You work out, right? Here, let me see your guns. Flex for me! No, really, FLEX!

-If he reads this he will never admit to everything I wrote.
+ Errrrr

-He is patient.
+ True

-He is confident.
+ True

-He is a people person.
+ Very true. I love involving myself in real life social dynamic situations as well as take a step back and analyze what's unfolding before my eyes.

-He is a great friend, and his true friends would die for them without hesitation.
+ I would like to think so though I've never put it to the test. Only ever been screwed over twice by people that I thought were my friends, but otherwise I always try to give them a lot.

-Everyone respects him. And the people who talk sh!t about him, secretly respects him too, they just talk because they are jealous. And if it's a woman doing the talking she's angry because she couldn't snatch him.
+ I'd like to think so.

-By my one experience and by what I hear from girls that have been with the 2 guys I know, they are great lovers.
+ I hope so.

-They are givers by nature.
+ True

-He likes to make people laugh or just bring a smile to their face, even if they are only dealing with them for a couple of minutes.
+ Very true. I am very playful and have pretty good comic timing.

-He prefers one on one.
+ True. I can do large groups, but 1on1 is always easier and much more interactive & intimate.

-He loves a damsel in distress.
+ Man of La Mancha, baby, Man of La Mancha.