Pics Removed on Account of Neil Strauss' The Game

I have temporarily decided to bring down all personal pics. Just taking a lesson from Loverboy here (who got his site hacked and had to go a few round with litigious lawyers after his video went mainstream) and playing it safe.

FYI Neil's book is DAMN good. I was only on the periphery of the action, but I knew most of the major players in it, saw a lot of the drama (and fun), and even hooked up with one of the girls mentioned in the book (alas, not my most proudest hook up).

And no, I'm not mentioned in it even though I've been surfing with Neil in his surfboard carrying, stretch limo (damn you Neil! ;-) and had the ephemeral pleasure of meeting his oneitis, Lisa- the beautiful, hard as nails, and quite discomforting rocker.

You can get a copy here.