Lay Report: When In Rome... Roam (Part I)

By request, I'm going to regale a couple of my lays during my time in Viet Nam. Alas, there really wasn't anything special about them. Very little actual Game was required not to mention my Vietnamese is serviceable, but far from fluent.

In many ways, the Viet Kieu have a "rock star" status similar to when white males travel through Viet Nam. I don't necessarily know if my status would have been different in, say, Thailand, but the Vietnamese women found me significantly easier to approach then an American/European.

They also knew INSTANTLY that I wasn't a local Vietnamese due to things like height (yeah, even at 5"6 I was a tad taller than the average Vietnamese guy), fashion, looks, muscle (I'm far from muscular, but I definitely wasn't on the thin side compared to the guys), etc. Walking into a gift store for souvenirs, not only would I be followed by vagabonds who wanted to sell me lottery tickets (begging is illegal so those on the streets basically sell lottery tickets- weird but true), but the store girls would get into blushing, giggling fits around me. It was actually quite sweet.

Other "hooking up" pecularities were:
1) No girls at the hotel after 11pm (Well, you could, but you'd need to have an "understanding" with the night manager)
2) When a Viet girl approaches, she cheers you and then walks away. I was quite bewildered at first by this phenomenom because it happened several times and when I started talking to them, they'd simply walk off. My uncle told me that you're expected to follow them to their table and friends, except I never follow a girl, I prefer to lead. Call it an old American habit.
3) There are tons of hookers and sometimes it would be kind of hard to tell who was simple a hostess (ie overpaid and overtipped waitress who paid extra, extra attention to you) and an outright prostitute.

But other than that, the Game was quite easy IF you could find the right venues.

The Saigon Hookup: I had befriended this fellow Viet Kieu guy and met him in Saigon, NaturalT. He was showing me all the interesting Saigonese nightlife like the bars that are totally blackened. NaturalT was chortling like an evil Beavis and Butthead when he pushed me into one of those places. Immediately I saw 10 sexy Vietnamese beauties wearing tight pink dresses. Not anything peculiar except for the fact that they were sitting all alone. Upon my serendipitous entrance, I was literally SWARMED by them.

ME: What the fu-
[Arm desperately stretched above my head, futiley gasping for air as I'm buried by buxom boobies in pink]
[Tears streaming down his face]

Anyways, it's a cross between a hostess bar and quasi-prostitution. Can't say it was my bag, but it was interesting nonetheless being catered to by lots and lots of lovely women: misogynistic, but sort of neat in the "it's so bad, it feels good" kind of way. Still not my scene so we had a beer and booked. As we were heading to another bar, we were stopped in the street by a cute Vietnamese girl in a black dress.

HER: Can you guys help me out?
ME (thinking): Great, another prostitute. Whoop dee doo.
HER: I'm lost and I was supposed to meet my friends.
ME (thinking): Great, a prostitution SCAM. We're gonna follow her and then get mugged by her boys.
NATURALT: Sure, we're just visiting, but maybe we can help.
ME (thinking): DOH!