Got Boyfriend Destroyers?

Sorry for not posting much or responding to e-mails, but between preparing for the intro bootcamp (Prophet and I have been meeting almost every day getting together a sharp presentation, finding a venue for the event, etc), my own social life, as well as getting things together for my birthday party... I've been a very busy man. I'll try to get to your various e-mails and requests, but understand it's gonna take some time while I knock down all the stuff I have to do.

Hmmm, so over the weekend two girls (one I've hooked up with and another I'm working on) broke up with their respective boyfriends.

I hung out with Girl A (a previous hookup), her girl, her boyfriend & co, as well as my wing Prophet. A lot of high energy stuff, dancing, pushing her away, slapping her hand when she tried to touch my hair/jacket, picking her up over my shoulder, showing high value, introducing her boys to some Asian model chicks I knew, etc. Of course, I was also doing the same things to the other girl she brought (ie not showering Girl A with all the attention, but when I did, her emotional circuits would fry and she'd only pay attention to me).

Basically ignored the boyfriend since she didn't introduce him until much later on. Funny thing, she tried to get me to help her boyfriend's wing- tall white dude- to help him scam some girls. Needless to say, he didn't want my help, which is cool. But she effectively tooled him without me- in all my 5"6, 140lb Asian Playboy glory- breaking a sweat. Fast forward a few days, I then learned through a mutual friend that she had broken up with her boyfriend over the weekend after we hung out.

Girl B
I had hung out with previously at her place. Again some cavemanning, over the shoulder, pressing her against the refrigerator without kissing her, making her slap herself and other stuff. Refused to fall into talking about her boyfriend problems and didn't acknowledge him as my reality. So the other night (at 1AM in the morning) she left a message on my voice message saying she wanted to see me and her BORE friend was no longer a problem.

I'm a bad, bad boy.