The Viet Kieu

Those of us who live overseas or were born elsewhere are called the Viet Kieu (Vietnamese Overseas).

We are seriously HOT commodities over there.

Obviously the girls have $ signs and passport signs in their eyes, but every single Viet Kieu guy that I met while traveling was infinitely cooler, better dressed, better looking, and more social than the local Viets. It wasn't necessarily true in every single place, for example, there was a club in Hanoi and a club in Saigon where nothing but rich, young Viet hipsters partied at that would have given the Hollywood talent a run for their money.

But even then, those places and those guys aren't overly social, preferring to stick to their social group and look money by spending a lot on table/bottle service.

But I digress.

I thought I was a hot commodity in Europe, but in Viet Nam, I was smoking hot. I'd be in a store and the store girls would be giggling and telling me how beautiful I was, talking to me, asking me questions, etc. Basically they were incredibly attracted to me, but of course, when I told them I was only staying for a few days, I disappointed quite a number of girls.

In some ways, the Viet Kieu kind of have a bad reputation for coming to Viet Nam, blowing off huge amounts of cash (compared to the avg local of course), and womanizing like there's no tomorrow.

Personally, I never played the passport/love/relationship card. I totally admit to being a Dog, but I'm not THAT kind of a dog. Despite that, and despite all the weird Communist prohibitions (no Viet girl can stay over at a guy's place past 11pm), I still hooked up with two Vietnamese girls based purely on physical attraction, no Verbal Game whatsoever on my part... just animalistic passion based purely on my looks and being a Viet Kieu.

Fun times. More details to come.